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Basically there's something going on that so atrocious and so bad when people see it they commit suicide. It drives them to suicide. So basically drives everybody to try to survive with blindfolds on. Yeah. What do you look at takes user that what you're looking at takes the form of your worst fears and you're done young. You're gone. That is dicey. And I'm excited because I hope it doesn't end like that the quiet place movie. I watched that with the kids I thought that was going to be absolutely fantabulous. But it wasn't as terribles awful. The rotten tomatoes actually given that a see what are they given that the sixty eight percent. I bet. Certified fresh get certified fresh rotten tomatoes. I go by because it's an aggregate of different reviews and speaking of which. Rotten tomatoes. The new Sherlock Holmes movie. If your homes in Watson. Yes. This is a will Ferrell flick. So basically the stars of stepbrothers are now playing Dr Watson Sherlock, Holmes. Before I came in today, the rotten tomatoes aggregate score ready for this zero. It is that bad of a movie it has jumped up though, it's a juggernaut this one a juggernaut six. It has gotten a six not certified fresh. It has gotten a six vice is guiding obviously vice is sixty four so it's okay. It's not really, you know jumping out there. But here's the deal though, there have been movies, and and I'm calling shenanigans on the Holmes and Watson went I'm calling shenanigans. And here's what I'm doing. Because it was conversation. I was having rob hunter a few weeks ago. We're on rotten tomatoes looking up different movies. And there were some that had like ones into that were moderate flex there. Okay. We don't want anything. Great. You know, like the last drastic part movies. Like, okay. If you if you want to go, and if you wanna watch a popcorn movie, that's it like the Meg. Don movie, I enjoyed it. I watched the dang thing twice like if you're rages. Go be entertaining watching movies stop being a snob about shelf and just watch a movie and be entertained. We'll wealfare funny, man. So I don't understand how zero could be an aggregate score of reviews across the land is it as it opened on Christmas day in the previews before it opened up. It had that you had to get some laugh at it one or two it's got it's got a naked gun feel to it. And so what we find out is a lot of these reviews are and I'm not gonna say Russian box because every stop blaming Russia for everything. Their butts. These are just these these are things are going in vote in review in voting review and just do without hundreds of times over they do it either take down a movie or hyper movie. So when I said, the the conversation I got into with rob hunter, b basically became what in the world with the world of everybody calling something that they don't agree with fake news. And every time something goes wrong or doesn't go someone's way, they blame it on Russia's or Russians were they say that they were hacked. And then you can't even go see a movie entrust what you're looking at online because you don't know if it's a these are real human beings that are reviewing them. It ain't going to yelp in the like and all of that. We're in a world where you have to go in verified that the person that's reviewing it is actually a verified reviewer. And then what made them verify, you know, just what do you believe? And how do you believe that? So here's my my movie going at vice for you this holiday season as more movies are going to be released top box office right now is aquaman. Mary Poppins returns. Bumblebee Spiderman into the spiders, which I heard was a fantastic animated movie. I didn't know what was going to be animated. But it's a fantastic animated movie. The grinches garbage. The mule. I don't even know what that is. Ralph breaks the that. I'm excited to see that with the kids in Mary Queen of Scots. What is with these period pieces? I don't get anyway. Mulas the Clint Eastwood movie where he's running drugs. Oh, that's what I want to see that. Oh, good. Yeah. I didn't know that was called the mule. Everyone heard that right. Okay. Good. You weren't just talking. Sometimes. I don't know if those are the voices in my head or not losses. What it is. Okay. Yes. So Clint Eastwood so definitely want to go see that movie. And it's got sixty four percent. But an animated flick is at ninety seven and in bumblebees at ninety three. So it gives me a little bit of hope. But for the most part. Here's my advice. Did simple just see a movie that you think hey that might be good and just suspend disbelief grab some popcorn be entertained. Stop being snobby about it. Just go have some fun. You know, I think meals a true story is fantastic based on a true story. Okay. So that's cool. And there's an in Bumblebee is definitely a true story and aquaman true story. I wanted. Here's the deal. Okay. So, but but definitely check out the trailers and see if it's your baggage aquaman. I was excited about because I actually liked the Justice league. I thought it was a good movie. There are people Pooh poohing on that all day long any roster. You like it. He okay. Didn't like it. Okay. I thought it was a decent show maybe because wonder woman's in its everybody can pound sand. All right. So he was kind. He was kind of a bad. And I was like, okay. I wanna go see the movie I saw the trailer. I I don't think you can take me kicking and screaming to this movie. I mean, it took just the the trailer looks like a seven minute trailer took like eight different terms and with big red aliens and stuff like that. What lasers are shooting. Come on. I mean, I know we're dealing with people who talk underwater and mermen and all that. But I mean do come on. I draw a line at lasers, I guess. But I love that man, Holmes and Watson zero zero I you have to call shenanigans on that I bring that up and I'm going to check out that bird box. I think this weekend. Yeah. I'm I'm, but I'm kind of scared to watch the scary movie. 'cause I hope this is the one that gets me back in the game. Yeah. Good scary movies out there a university. A university is claiming that asking a woman out on a date, violates something I'll tell you what that is after we get look at east side west side, traffic, here's leap out. Yeah. We got a crash, Mike. It's all one zero one westbound.

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