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Bloomberg business report hitters ahead of first quarter earnings season kept investors on edge stocks finished mostly lower the Dow Jones industrial average tumbled three hundred twenty nine the S. and P. five hundred lost twenty eight the nasdaq composite gained thirty nine treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin is holding firm on strict repayment rules for airline seeking government aid large airlines would have to re pay thirty percent of the aid within five years sources say the airline see little room for movement the thirst for updates on the corona viruses boosting news viewership on YouTube it reports a seventy five percent surge in recent weeks compared to a year ago despite the jump in viewing YouTube has seen a drop in advertising spending alpha entertainment parent of the XFL football league has filed for bankruptcy with plans to wind down the business the filing comes days after the league canceled the remainder of its inaugural season after just five weeks I'm Larry coffee with the Bloomberg business report on W. W. J. newsradio nine fifty nine it's partners are taking actions against more than two hundred sixty individuals from across the globe who allegedly defrauded more than two million Americans most of them elderly the losses are three quarters of a billion dollars to date I scam artists even tried to defraud former FBI and CIA director judge William Webster who recently turned ninety five years old and his wife Linda absolutely anybody can be targeted by the scammers many of whom seem legitimate friendly like your next door neighbor our message is don't be fooled our elder fellow citizens deserve our support and our protection FBI deputy director David Bowditch encourages all to keep a vigilant eye on our senior population when we were all born our parents were our first champions and we needed them today they need us report elder fraud at IC three doc up with the I. this week I'm Molly how I'm W. WJZY.

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