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Free and ethically made clothing kind of have everything covered under dining with seven just to show people that you don't need animals or animal by products you live a happy healthy life and obviously this is a huge passion of yours word of the action begins for you so I I first became a vegetarian when I was eleven years old because I made the connection that the animals that I love when they were alive were also the same ones that ended up on my plate at dinner time and I just mean that connection I was like I don't think I can do this anymore so stop eating meat an eleven and over the years learned about the different different aspects of the egg industry in the dairy industry and realized I couldn't really call myself an animal lover if I was still giving money to them so that kind of got me started on veganism I've always been very passionate about animal rights and as Instagram is growing I realized within the vegan Instagram community there was a place missing for somebody that was just kind of living a normal life not necessarily eating raw foods or smoothie bowls every single day just somebody that was having yeah I mean healthy easy meals that could be made by anybody and enjoyed by anybody and weren't necessarily all about carrots and broccoli and all that so that's how I got started on it never since then it's just been growing it's been such a fun ride so called that's one thing I love talking about with gases how do you differentiate yourself and not feel like you have to set the trend didn't fit the mold but you can really be yourself and stand out in your unique way it within an industry and veganism is a niche to begin with but then you further carved out a niche by like you said being able to enjoy those every day too so did you just do that because that was your passion or was that a strategic move tell me a little bit about your thought process behind creating this brand yes it actually wasn't really a strategic move at all I had a personal Instagram and I was sharing photos of the vegan burger that I made in the vegan mac and cheese that I made and I realize that I thought you know my friends and family were kind of getting annoyed about me always taking a picture of my lunch so I was like okay fine I'll start another in Rammell call it dining with seven and I'll just put everything there and I really actually didn't put that much thought into it for maybe the first like eight or nine months it was just on Instagram dining with Devin pictures of food and that was it and then I you know I started realizing companies were reaching out to me brands were send me products for me to try and review if I liked and that's when it clicked that I realized that this could be more than just a hobby just a profile on Instagram it could actually be something way more I love your story because that is really my advice for anyone who wants to create a business being themselves around their passion is start on Instagram that's a great way to test out your ideas for to find you're always you know started just to create content and develop a relationship with your audience because that's one of the biggest things is developing a relationship with your audience before you would ever even monetize company so can you tell me about those beginning you know when you're really developing that relationship in that audience yeah sure I've always maintained a very finely normal I think relatable invoice online you know so I would be talking about how gosh I'm trying to be on a diet but here's a vegan donuts I can't resist and like while you know kind of just trying to be relatable to the girls who are following me that are also my age I didn't want to be promoting like work out every single day like eat strawberries for dinner like that's not me at all a life where you're writing yourself exactly of deprivation is not something that I want anybody to feel on a vegan diet so I just try to show them how it can be super accessible and familiar and I think my my audience came to rely on me to provide them with honest reviews of products of the hotels that I was staying in or the different restaurants I was going to and I I always really do keep that I maintain that honesty if I don't like something I'm not gonna say that I like it just because they sent it to me I'm getting paid for it so just kind of you know being truthful about everything yeah and I think the temptation off and on Instagram when you're trying to build your brand isn't just to kind of find a photo you like an ATA generic caption that doesn't really suck people and doesn't create a connection I should say you tell us how you really make sure that through your caption you're taking it a little bit deeper and creating that connection yeah sure you know I I'm trying to think of like my captions in particular I usually just write what I'm thinking like the other day and I did a collaboration with purple carrot which is a mail delivery service and they sent me some other foods to make and I posted a picture of the homemade empanadas that I made I've never made homemade empanadas and my life so this is kind of a whole new experience and I was very proud of the way they turned out and so my caption was really just like oh my god you guys I just made homemade empanadas these are amazing you've got to try them because I really enjoyed them I gave them to my friends they really like them as well so it just kind of that's what I was feeling I was writing what I was thinking about it and that was the caption for that one sometimes also includes facts about veganism explanations every few months about why am vegan so that the people who were just following me kind of get a background but when I'm doing everything yeah it's really story telling telling your story sometimes educating like you sad truth backs and really just being normal which sounds like it would be easy but social media is a very a normal you have to kind of remind yourself just to talk to people how you would naturally talk to them if you were on the phone or in person exactly yeah I I treat everybody that follows me as a friend which is hard when there's so many of them but anytime I get approached in public it's always like will come with me at the restaurant now let's talk I don't want anybody to feel like I'm not who I am online in real life and that's what's so relatable I think sometimes the temptation is to talk down to people or to make it seem like you live in this glamorous life that's unattainable but I think what really resonates with people is that authenticity and that relate ability is that you do a great job of doing thank you so much one of the hardest part is when you decide you want to monetize it because it goes from being a hobby like you said to becoming a business and then you have to start treating it like a business not losing the heart and the soul the passion behind it but obviously making more strategic decisions so can you tell me about around about that time that you decided to turn it into a business sure yeah I think when I first head maybe three thousand followers I realized that I could provide a value for companies when you have three or four thousand followers you don't make a huge impact but I wanted to kind of get started so I reached out to a couple companies I already like tonight just ask them Hey would you want to send me some product in exchange for a post and it started out like that always a trade yeah yeah it was a trade and you know so I wasn't getting paid for it but I felt like having these brands in my post made me look a bit more legitimate as a person to work with and it showed that you were open to that because sometimes you really do have to spell it out for brands that Hey I do this kind of content definitely yeah I started I decided to start charging when I was putting in so much time in the making this post look really beautiful and to really write out the caption and incorporate these products into these entities posts and my time was just worth more than you know an eight dollar coconut water bottle so I started my price points really low brands are willing to pay it now as I grow every thousand or five hundred followers that a growing increased my price and it's been working really well and yeah that's great I think often influencers under valued themselves and it's important to know your value and what you really can charge for these different brands collaborations and I've heard actually that there are sites out there that will help you come up with that formula do you use anything like that to help you come up with a formula or do you just kind of go for talking your ear is instincts how do you measure what you're gonna charge so I did used to use those websites I think one of them was called social blue book and I did use that to kind of figure out where I should start my price points when I was first beginning and now I have a set income and then I increased and the more that I grow and I learned that actually from a friend of mine who's a huge social media influencer and he kind of gave me some guidance about how much I should be charging based on how many followers I have so that's how I got started with that you really have to be thinking about your audience here serving what they are going to want to see and making sure it's on brands right definitely on brand that's a word that I use all the time especially when I'm responding to emails like I just don't feel that your product is really on brands for me and it's true I mean I don't I don't use protein powders so I don't a protein powder is not on brand for me we're gonna take a short break and when we come back.

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