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I love the podcast is great. It's a great creative outlet. I love wrestling. I love wrestling figures and like you said this has been a great year for us with the podcast. We had some beef. We've <hes> squashed. Hair looks beautiful. Your beer looks great by the way it looks really good but yeah it's it's been a hell of a year almost one year of doing the podcast. I'm proud of it. I'm proud we do some live shows <hes> proud. We have merchandise dies. We have our own attributes coming out. <hes> i mean it'd be great if we had like mattel elite figures coming out but we know that's not happening so make your own bigger. Oh yeah ah we've got screwed. Avocado san diego screw job over there really was i. I'm like okay i didn't it didn't even occur to me that they didn't introduce new hawkins and ryder because i figure at some point. They're going to have to put them out. I'm sure but then i was like why would they ask those guys. Who are the biggest figure fans in the world. Who who have brought like the figure community brought the figure kind of back alley world into the mainstream. They ask you you to host it clearly thinking right that it's like when a girl goes. You should ask my friend out and you go. Oh yeah okay. I'll ask her out and she goes. You know go out with you know we talked about this briefly on our podcast the major wrestling figure you never get the name right the major wrestling figure i get it right now. I didn't get it right when we were beautiful like like last year hawkins and i we couldn't have been to bigger roads right new retro right all right p. retro by the way there on long island icy there on a hiatus hiatus right yeah. We've heard that before so this year we're like i'll get the bod cast..

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