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Dot com promo code Conway what three surely for another night a moderate cold Santa Ana wind will blow for tomorrow we've got winded rise reach along with frost and freeze warnings scattered throughout our area freezing is most likely in wind protected areas temperatures will continue well below normal but gradually rise for the entire week by Friday and Saturday back into the low seventies sunny each day this is for Coleman with NBC four news right now in Fullerton it's fifty three Ladera ranch fifty four Gardena fifty fourth diamond bar fifty one we lead local live from the care by twenty four hour news room I'm Gina grad he's a little he's always day of every four years that we all look at Iowa right other day today we don't all concentrate as a nation on the little state of Iowa I mean it's beautiful I've been through there I've been dry one been through des Moines I drove through with my brother two great state beautiful state what I move there you bet I have ever move there I have not does it look like a great place to raise kids yeah you hate it when radio talk show hosts and ask themselves their own questions you got.

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