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We get into our episode with the bellamy brothers here's a couple of useful cartoonists you might not be aware of a coffee filter and a little bit of olive oil can clean your interior removing excess weight from your car will improve gas mileage placing your key fob to your chin will increase the range i know it's weird ready for one more tip you might also you might even forgotten it you don't know about it's about truecar truecar also helps people get used cars that's right truecar isn't just for buying new cars with their certified dealer network and nationwide inventory of nearly one million us cars you'll enjoy real pricing on actual inventory and a simpler buying experience whether you buy a new or used and with truecar users can see what others paid so they know if they're getting a good deal before buying they're also likely to enjoy faster buying experience by connecting with truecar certified dealers so when you're ready to buy a new or used car check out truecar and enjoy more confident car buying experience now some features are not available in all states every time i read that add it makes me want to go out and start looking at new trucks in which i could do social media rants maybe we can get another billion views in the next three years maybe we'll speed it up maybe we get a billion views on the next two i don't know it's all up to you thank you for tuning into the podcast thank you for listening and subscribing and leaving a good review to the chad prager show it's because of you that my life exists and you make me happy so thank you for everything that you've done thank you for listening when we come back we'll be sitting down with the legendary the bellamy brothers we will be back in a moment with more of the chad breeder show.

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