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Additive i describing trump officials as unwitting contacts both the indictment and deputy attorney general rosenstein said that there was no evidence of knowing interaction between trump officials and this rather large campaign operation or election operation by the russians but i think that people are engaging in willful blindness to ignored that this is a fairly significant admission especially that started 2014 that the reset button the hillary clinton handed out was alley misspelled was lapped up by the russians they don't fear us uh they don't fear us they don't respect us and some out this president can't cut let them know i say dim the lights on the next election let them know i could bring it all to its knees we know john we'll vladimir putin is going to win because he got rid of every legitimate opponent but let them know maybe the votes are gonna count or never get tallied let them know what we're capable of a we're not gonna sit on the sidelined anymore but turley also said for those trump fans and i wanted them they want wanna see him get on with business and put this investigation behind him not so fast cut twenty nine but at the end of the day the most interesting thing about this indictment his one additive unwitting the only after a year after all these plea agreements after all these interviews they really don't have any evidence of anyone knowingly engaging with russians not even mentioning the trump tower meeting were they knew they were russians so there doesn't seem to be any there there after a year yeah and years more cut 28 it's been a year with multiple plea agreements a lot of testimony a lot of inner interviews and they're saying that they still don't have any evidence of any knowing engagement with the russians involved in this effort that has to be good news to the trump white house is also notable that the that meeting in trump tower is and mention you know they knew those were russians but if they were part of this effort they would be some reference to their their identity was clear and yet that is also nonmetric it's interesting robert luciano wv empty robert hue foggy you're talking about not the.

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