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In michigan today ww jay's beth fisher reports live and local that conditions are just right for wildfires beth tom you know you wouldn't think of it in michigan so much but the national weather service has put out a red flag warning for wildfires in michigan with temperatures expected to hit the eighties today with th dry conditions michigan dnr state wildlands supervisor jim fisher has some advice don't burn of these kinds of days for anything unless you have to fischer says the dnr responded to twenty wildfires in the state on monday one burning twenty eight acres in northern michigan reporting live beth fisher ww j newsradio nine for visitors from all over the country are in detroit for the urban land institute's three day meeting which will include tours around the city let's go live and local to our city beat reporter vicki thomas roberta over four thousand city builders and real estate developers are in town for the urban land institute spring meeting in detroit and the person that will be leading the tours as bruce schwartz he's known as detroit ambassador with rock ventures you see him downtown leading tours all the time struggle with transportation and bruce says that he will be taking people on tours of not only hart plaza and the campus martius park but he will be taking them around the city as well and talking about some of the things that the developers and city builders would wanna see and possibly duplicate so what what they really want to duplicate and not only will they get to see right here downtown campus martius but we're going to be taking them around showing them all the amazing things that are happening in our city and we're really excited to have them reporting live and local vicki thomas w w j newsradio nine fifty redford residents in.

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