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Ceremony. There will be no and a year stuff. I don't hear them complaining about that so much. They are really wondering what happens next with their careers because the virus internships are being canceled or delayed. And we're doing what we can at the university to help them through that I've been advising though all of them to be taking notes to be keeping journals because they will be the storytellers of this pandemic. We will be feeling the impact of this for decades and we want to believe I learned this running the memoir shares Senate race in Chicago six when I did the book for Random House and his lovely wife there were so many moments I thought. Wow this server gonNA forget this. I'm so glad I wrote it down anyway because there's so many big things are happening quickly. You do. Forget and really important. You could forget how you felt in the moment which may be different than how you remember it later right because you may feel differently about the whole experience later so been encouraging students to find purpose in this they are meant to writers and also had a lot of future filmmakers and ethics class documentary filmmakers as well feature filmmakers in addition to the journalists and. I told them it really is true. That whatever you can get through all material it all informs work and that they are in. I was telling them before. This that they were in a they. Were Living History Right now. Because of the trump presidency this has magnified. Dad is impossible to calculate by. How much terrible as the information. Coming out of the White House has been and as terrible as these press conferences have been one of the sort of shining moments of all of this is how well the women journalists in these press conferences have been have been doing the the sharp questions they've been asking you know you came up in journalism at a time when there weren't as many women journalists you know what what is that What does that sort of look like? Do you think that this is inspirational to two women who are thinking about journalism? Journalism continues to be a career that That works that that pays money well. We'll always have our journalists and one of the reasons I'm more optimistic is because the younger generations that have come up since are going to help us figure out how to save it and how to make it worthwhile as far as the women. One of my favorite things to do when I am in Washington is our experience is how many of the young women who are covering politics up and introduce themselves today and I always tell the same thing you didn't exist. I was your age. It was so hard to convince any editors we should be covering politics and that is one of the biggest changes and I think we're really seeing why it should have been happening a lot sooner because they can be tough and it's particularly important with a president who belied women so regularly to have these young women by young and look. I'm sixty two so you can live a lot of. You're still be younger than I am at this point to watch these young women. They don't flinch. They don't grimace. They just keep pressing pressing.

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