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Operating hours. I don't know why assume that people Barbara's were in action cutting hairs. By the way. I! Pictured you in the middle of like. Comedy. But they also are trying not to laugh too hard because they're also getting. Quite a dilemma that you put them in. Yeah! That might be a great idea because if you're trying to you when you try not to laugh if you remember middle school or high school when you're trying not to laugh when the teacher's talking and you just can't stop, because things get so funny. What if you did a show? You didn't even have to tell the business owner, but show up in a barbershop and just tell jokes while people are getting their haircut and the job. To laugh and then I think you might get some good results. Right. For sure yeah. Well I was going to also ask Philip by the way. Do you prefer Philip? Do you prefer filled? You prefer jewel. Is that by the way? Is that a real? Last name. was that a real surname or is that like a? Oh a pseudonym. Yes stage name. That's my relaxing. Okay, so you're. You're a real jewel I. Like that so. Back to Phil. Phillip? Which one do you prefer? Sorry I got lost in your eyes. Fill or Okay well right. No. Jewel actually all three okay I liked.

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