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Twenty HDTV and Home Theater podcast this is Friday November first it's hard to believe that this year is almost over a so much has gone on in my life the ups and downs and changes in my life. Yeah for sure I I looked so we got called out on twitter actually someone was expecting a spooky show from us over the years we've never really done anything often yeah so we've got a great show really excited h dot com you can send us email and that is h. t. guys oh I'm on twitter at Brain Russell and I was active for a little while and then I more of my woodworking stuff and right now I have just kicked off a project when he used to build the panels of the speakers and so excited follow that on instagram and that is at OC reclaimed treasures Let's see one of the ways that you can do that is by signing up to become and signing up to give a little bit everyone who's done that thank you very very much on the right hand side click on the size you'd like to donate and if you donate the largest which is a CAF in your and he says I love the show and I always listen to it on my Saturday walk or again through the Patriots donation are jumping over doing back he says since I hearing it touted on ABS Forum back around September S. Forum early on so anyways thank you for listening Dennis for that long CBS per day rather than the complete schedule that I get through NHL TV doc about the hated kings and dodgers he does give and says I realize he did live maybe grew you're listening to both of you warts and all on we'll continue us in happily support your wonderful show keep up the good first let's talk about the the one thing that I made a mistake on and what if you looked carefully on it had a different date so it would he said there's a very quick impression and so I apologize for that but in the city of Los Angeles which will San Fernando Valley which is city of Los Angeles Rams Fan until they moved to Anaheim and then later to Saint Louis I've it is what you grew up with and he was a bears fan from when we used to live in Chicago and he brought is that there's no orange county team to in Orange County which is why a lot of Orange County residents still like Dan so unless you were born at the time that the ducks were here and I've gone to a few it's half of the crowd is the other team and that's because so many cox or the Detroit Red Wings in which case it's fifty percent to even higher angels of Anaheim Los Angeles but here's a cool thing about the angels I can root for the angels happened and plus California's team right so if you live anywhere in California yeah angels but a local team however the ducks I never want them to win which I can't stand the blackhawks either but I wore it to L. A. San Francisco Anaheim the or the San Jose written windows software I've written Apple Software Iowa for android software a so it's not just like drinking the Kool aid I've actually developed software and Android Lennox I guess you know what I'm completely at this point I'm just agnostic I'll but now so it just seems like it would be too much of a hassle so I'm really more late teams I just can't I can't do it you know as much as I want to kind of be a hometown and root yeah only get the you know the transplant feeling And you know I never got conversation so as you know bread and I'm thinking about moving to Nashville to the point where my wife and I again not when they're playing the kings and so when I transplant into Nashville kings and then if Nashville wins it it just won't hurt his bad my full things You know what yeah we mentioned his name sorry the weekly Grocery shopping each week I load my faithful dog Bella.

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