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Of a fixed the pitch to have an active and he goes to the thirty five 740 trying to pick up a snack what is the fabulous to the curry collect water inside the drug becker fiveyardline later touchdown run terrance williams most sugar to that he was 78 yards liam payne while she had sweet both should and he's just off to the races how about the speed from behind to track him down he ran away from everybody it he gets tracked down by all over oliver was flying is it the six worst down wildcat again williams sticks the direct snap runs to his right and get smuggled got nothing will be second down in goal at the sixyard line sold big possession here for lsu they've got a thirteen point lead thirteen 55 to go on the game and second down in gold from the sixyard wide as they move right the left and there's one thing that really stands out to me tonight you know you talk about the sec the play in the trenches in defensive lineman offense of live it's a welldeveloped or which really been i poppy to me tonight is a speed on the field protein at link ban a quarterback now second engulfing the six fix the snap a pitch at the middle of the williams they read that any fumbled the ball that might even be an incomplete pass and that's what they're going to call that's why the civil passes but peeling off exit coaches you don't wanna get it a flexing to get the ball pick but if he it spilled on the ground it's just an incomplete pass texas and was fooled they weren't fooled with the move by yet lead you is almost tackle before the pitch and then when he delivered the pitch there are a couple texas anm agassi's said stayed at home delivered the would not so now third goal lsu bond the farright ashes they move like a letter the six of texas am so a lot of running room near side left as a the works out of the shot that could throw has time looks civilians touchdown dj chart liberty uh uh flurry w renfro the end zone that's a sixyard touchdown pass perilous she was up forty two 21 you gotta give a lot of.

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