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I wanted to say something about jack because this is what you do. I just wanna go back to what you said about the anxiety because we've been doing late again for six years now and we were with jack. She was in A troublesome relationship and we actually have seen this to vary like the actual human version of what you were just talking about. Because i feel like it when you are in your past relations. Well you can talk about a jack pass relationship you have so much anxiety were like and now that you're with someone who is wonderful. Yeah i know when. I went through a relationship with somebody that was obsolete narcissists. Maybe borland bordering on a psychopathic behavior Personality type but i was constantly it was like a drug for me. Like getting in these fights and up making up. And then he was like withholding saxon. Was this whole. It was like a cat and mouse game the entire time. But i don't operate under that type of stress level at all like. I'm a very cool calm collected person usually but i turned into this like manic nervous like completely like crumbling type person when i was in that relationship so it is that like getting that rush of whatever it is even if it is less like toxic horrible like screaming match with somebody yet Without admitted talking about my personal experience. You don't think that i'm judging you anyway. I was diagnosed a love addict. I wrote about this. My book and love addiction doesn't mean you're always love addict like for me or you're always like you know it's just when you get the hit you so it's like people do heroin and they get sober for. They can not think about having for two years. They can think they can be right next to him. Go nope i'm over the stinking thinking. They're in their country actually like there. But then once on it gone because your dopamine receptors have totally switch gears and you are gone right. The beasts has taken hold so for me before i was in my. I like very I've been in a lot of addictive relationships but toxic. That's why i was like say addiction addictive instead of toxic or Addictive instead of like psycho and all these words that just don't mean a lot. I think but we'll talk about love addiction a second but i think the most important important thing too and this is not a blame thing. 'cause it's always blameless which is like. Yes he's this this this particular. Focus off him. What's going on with us that we keep getting in the car driving over. We take laughed. We take we do the part like we have so many opportunities to go like this is not good for me. This is bad like we're at a point where a lot of us are like. We're not drinking soy milk because hormones in it and then we're in a relationship with someone that treats like shit. It's like you can't eat that. It has chemicals in it. It has like you can't and you have to make your own almond butter. You insane people. And i'm like it's just the internal pollution like nobody. Everyone is obsessed with their bodies that they forget about taking care of their brain us at a big. And i'm like and then walk around. I see friends. I'm like why are you going to bring them back and you have. You've never been therapy. What's what's going on. Why are we investing in our salaries. It's such a love addiction. Steps really helped me because once you're inet to give you all the love and credit in the world when you're in it name the last person these other drug problem where you're like. Hey what's going on with you and the cocaine they're like you're right. I gotta stop. I mean what. What are you talking about like ours. Signed to defend what obama mean. And what paris. So all your dna and all your brain wants for you enact i to procreate especially because biologically we talk about sexism a lot and like hollywood and businesses are biology is the most sexist of all we we don't roast we. We haven't cancelled biology. But that's when we needed to cancel because your brain more alpha or were you on birth control. Time while i was and then i wasn't and then i was and i thought that was going crazy because the birth control but we thought we a that's right but you are on certain birth controls. It does make you smell olfactory glands differently and we seek men that are more like alpha like your guy that's going to over the no beat up anyone that's gonna like motorcycle guy. The axe body spray guy. You know some spotty spraying get that. Wrap exactly the smell when you said it. We knew the smell neutral. Cardinal are isn't it also just forgive yourself because we are wired to want to be be turned on by assholes because our sort of reptilian brain goes. Yes this can protect my chhaya. We're not designed pair forever really right. So we stop producing dopamine. I made a whole movie about this. And i can't remember any of it now brain. Forgive yourself you're looking through the title. Sorry clean not say the word female anymore But you just forgive yourself talked. Someone like this is just okay. I'm attracted to that guy. He's got a motorcycle. he's got fifty women's names tattooed on his abdomen. He's spray tan. This is a bad idea. Have to go you're fine. It's when he twenty-one it's we're not in the living in the jungle five thousand years ago. i don't need protection. I don't have an alarm system. I've got made i don't i have dogs. I don't need that. So i have to kind of just talk to my sort of reptile programming and go like a major. I know what you're doing. I know why you think this is a good idea. This would have been a good idea thousand years ago but not today baby not today and we get you a king show where you go and you help. Women grew these situations. It's just like thinking about using a women pep talk. Their mingla is amazing right. Now i'm like i was any. This is why this is a great segue. This is why this is incredible because you have a new campaign just save a giant dot com..

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