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It looks like it's bouncing on this little thing, and the end is up kind of behind it on the beach, but it has this sort of sweeping lawn. That feels very genteel. Very lovely. And it has a really nice small, but very cool kind of pool situation happening, and then you're there for the for the kind of quaint New England vibe and and it kind of has all that one. One of the reasons that you wanna make sure that you stay and spend the night in behavior and then wake up at the crack of dawn. The next day is the first place. The sun hits the US is Acadia national park? So going up. So going up and waking up. I'm talking real early guys grabbing the car that you wrote tripped in and going into the national park driving up to mountain biking want, but you can also just drive up to parking lot. I'm making it there to see the sunrise over all of the continental. Yeah. Us, I think is a really special thing to do, especially if you're making the bucket list trip to already be out there. It's like, what are you doing if you don't do that too? Yeah, and I was surprised by how short distances are between all of these things. It's like lightning fast to get from like the balance rock or the bar harbor in into the park itself. Super fast on those two, two miles or something like that. And then to get to Cadillac mountain, you've got to do that. The park drive loop, but that doesn't take very long. It's like six, I don't. I'm probably I put it in the article. I don't even remember. It's like a few miles. It's not very long, and then you're up at the top of the mountain and it's like the sweeping views that you get from up. There are astonished, it's gorgeous. You can see the entire harbor. You can see the town down there. It's like just mind blowing cute and in, but also majestic in a certain kind of way. The other two things that I would call out about that are the short path. And it runs along the coast like it's very well manicured. Clearly, well thought out. It's about a mile and a half long, and it is the most exquisite view of the harbor and you. It's very nice, elegant genteel little walk along harbor in front of all these places. We'll take you in front of the bar harbor in take in front of the balanced rock, and it'll take you all along the rocky coastline. That's their. That's just sort of perfect. So kudos to the town for putting this thing together, it was very relaxed and a really wonderful example of that. And I think Katya is where you go. And in Acadia, you've got, I was shocked by the sandy beach, which is a sandy beach, not a common thing in Maine, and there were tons of people who were there just for the beach, like a day at the beach, which it was an excellent version of that. And then I think you got thunder whole, you got the cliff echo lake. All of these things are kind of classic. I like the hikes around Cadillac mountain and the top of Cadillac mountain. I thought there's a really cool they'll take you through. There's a hike on the south rim of Cadillac mountain. We'll take you through bunch of different landscapes forest and like very rocky volcanic stuff. That was very cool. And then you gotta finish up with pop overs. Oh my God. Povilas discovery mine and that so good. Like a Yorkshire pudding, but that's the the the American. Yeah. So naturally sweet. So not so good. And there's this place called Jordan pond house, which is close to the Cadillac mountain..

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