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Paul. Great to be here really. It's always great to be here because the podcast gives us an opportunity to really take it to another level. You know what I mean another level of depth because ears into your commute. Yeah your kitchen the stuff I love this what I I lived to do. I love it. It's my the work of my career and Today I'm really excited about What we're getting into? Well I especially thank that you are going to appreciate this interview that I did. With one of the Harvey Weinstein Accusers Lawrence Yvonne because she is is somewhat like one of us. She's a journalist. Yeah and how she ended up there. I mean to me. This whole scenario and story is bizarre. And and I think it's so revealing These interviews in how you know honest. They are sure and I spoke to. Yeah Yeah and she is really a great interview because she's a journalist and also vinnie. It was she added some levity to this particular interaction that she had with Harvey Weinstein which I can appreciate because it is very emotional for me to sit down with these accusers. It is just all the sympathy and all the empathy you have is women just comes out but so what's your what's your background. What did you? How'd you get into really interesting? Show always always want to be a journalist. I I think right out of college. She worked behind the scenes in Fox's producer but Hello she realized realized. Hey I am so stunning. No she didn't say that but I say that she is so stunning that The natural progression was to be in front of the camera and she made that what transition she learned The business the production part the reporting part and her first real job in front of the camera was act. Act a New York station in Long Island strong island. Yes Oh you sat down with her right. So Y- you're sitting down. And how did you prepare a pair for all of this. And and what. What's your attitude going into these interviews? It depends on the accusation right. How about this one? So for this accusation. I really just try. Try to watch as much on Lawrence Yvonne as I could under. I was prepared for what she was going to say. So I knew the story and I really. We also just wanted her timeline about how young she was when it happened. this occurred back in two thousand seven and I was able to almost just relax a little before speaking to Lauren. Because I knew she was not going to describe a violent assault so in this interview. We you again now for you listeners lauren describing how she met Harvey Weinstein. At that time I was working at news. Twelve Long Island. I had a serious boyfriend who I lived with in Manhattan and I would commute out to work every day and come back to the city at at night around that time when you met Harvey Weinstein and do you know approximately when you met him so it was about It was two thousand seven even if the fall or the winter of two thousand seven. I had just finished my shift on Long Island was driving back to Manhattan and I got a phone call from a girlfriend. It was like a Friday night I think ink and she said we're all down at chipper. Yanni's you should come. It's a fun group. You should come and I just got off work. It was Friday so it was later already. It was about probably eleven o'clock by the time I got back into town and I went and met her and she was there with Just be chip Ronnie and bunch of people. Aw and I just took the empty seat at the table. I sat down with them and two minutes later. Harvey Weinstein comes up next to me and says I think you're sitting in my seat. Lead and I knew he was obviously recognizable. I said Oh I'm so. Sorry and he goes. No no no you sit and he pulled up a chair next to me and we just started chatting and he. He was asking me what I did and it was really charming. In retrospect he was asked me what I did. He was asking me a million questions about my job. You so impressed that I work in news news. He was telling me about all these news documentaries. He's trying to produce and we had this really great chat where I really felt. Wow I'm holding my own with Harvey Weinstein. I was only about twenty six twenty seven at the time. What was your overall impression of him? His demeanor how did you come across charming. He came across as really interested in in what I was doing. But not in a creepy way. He was asking legitimate questions about news about where I came from. We're talking about presidential history. You know and which one which president by our fees we read and things like that and there was no red flags there was was not I mean he was nothing but really warm and sincere and he was telling me about his children. And that's why because there was no red flags that's why when he asked me if I wanted to tour more of the place we were in later that evening I said yes because dangerous. What was his connection to chip Brianti? Like why would he they were palace. Oh they were they were definitely POWs they. They were together quite a bit. As far as I know just by reading page six in New York I mean chip ran on Ian. Him would go on yachts together he would use the ATI would use chipper Yanni's hotels so they were pals. How many people are at this table where there are a lot of people there for this dinner? No maximum ten of us at this dinner but afterward because I got in there so late. They said we're all going to go to this club Socialista. So we all piled into Harvey Weinstein's Weinstein's car. That was waiting outside with driver. It was like a huge suv and we all went to Socialista and when we got there we continue talking. It was all on the up and up until he said. Hey I'm one of the investors here I want to give you a tour and my initial reaction was great because there was no reason to be alarmed at that point but I got up from the table and I told my girlfriend who had come to meet own. Just GonNa go check out the restaurant with Harvey and she looked at me and she said said if you're not back in ten minutes I'm going to come get you and I was like okay at that time when she said that. was there anybody else in that group that looked at you In in some way not that I remember anybody say anything to you in some way. No I mean you know it was a nightclub it was like wow people were just just like talking and corners and it was dark and it was just a girlfriend looking after her friend she just said. Hey if you're not back in ten minutes and coming to look for you. Was it a bit tongue in cheek. Cheetham she said it. I don't think so. I think she knew more than I did at that point because she had known. Just be for a while. And she had heard some things just Ed's told her about Harvey not that would rise to the level of do not go anywhere with him but just keep an eye on you so then what happened so he took me downstairs and soon as we got downstairs. I realized this was a bad idea because the kitchen was empty. There was just one guy sweeping sweeping up. It was dark and I said to him as soon as we got down there. Okay I've seen it. I'm good I'm going to back upstairs because no no no no. You haven't seen it all you haven't seen it all well and you know in in restaurant. Kitchens in New York City. They're really narrow. They're usually underground so he's walking me behind me through this hallway and when we get to the end of the hallway. It's just like a dead end is like a vestibule and that's when he you know cornered me and he leaned in and kissed me and I backed off and I said I'm I'm so sorry. I gave you the wrong impression. I I had no idea that this was this is what it was about. I just thought we were having a nice chat before he kissed you. Did he touch you at all. When you said he he yeah he may have touched my lower back or just to scoop me through the hallway? Maybe but it was again it was you you know once we were down in a dark place. I knew this was a bad idea and I knew that I wanted to get out of there. And when he kissed me it was it was it was. I was in my reaction with more angry at myself. Like I'm was so stupid to think that he was just happy having a chat with me or that he thought I I was someone smart and intelligent for conversation like obviously it occurred to me at that moment that led up to this so I was annoyed at that point. Were you.

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