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Game preview i believe here is this the games preview yeah this is my muster the game preview but my kids hey that's why we shouldn't have had drafted nuns telling here but uh so i have no no uh no qualms will you know with with what they've done and uh and uh whether you know the uh the game pre one was velvet game preview them that what do you mean to talk about no no qualms were you know with what what shaped on and uh and uh where you know the uh why did you were lying i'm not going to tell you right now right heard pete shepherd vapor lock try to do of b c 300 at a station down south watts there was no different than that they all share was out of it so i have no no uh all right this he was in his early thirties that viscose netted they just like ninety how say uh where are you know the uh okay let me ask why the hall of famer why did but what i have beat off still lakers when you think jaguars football you think vetoes the lego uh so i have no no if headstone adults now now now okay well all right well you don't wanna cowley that might uh let might do with them for us that that's gonna that's gonna that's gonna do it i think it's how many coughlin tom coffin you think it tom coughlin we tried getting tom cooper try to get him on we tried mark brunell crime mark grenell's yet more prolonged no worries joan tony boselli asahi try we try to bunch of these guys freddie taylor we weren't able to do our old patriots monday guy like fred uh.

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