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With army storms moving through the area, and that includes Mustang where Brian is getting some hail over there, Brian Oh, man, we had a nice going washer and five hail, but it's not too bad. We need the rain. Yeah, we do. We do. We do need to rein, actually. So because anyway, you're calling about the possible debate. Well, you know, I heard Jim hopes, you know comments, saying that everybody knows where he stands on the issues. He doesn't want to debate the Democratic challenger. It's kind of porn, you know, biting, you know, like he doesn't want either. You're more of a met Nancy Pelosi. Yeah, So it bothers me. I love Jim. He's a great guy, But I'm sorry, debating in getting re elected as part of our political process in regardless of whether you want to do or not. It's what you gotta do every four years. You need to stand up and, you know, reiterate your position and for any more politicians stated they think that they're above reproach or that they don't have to get up there defend their position. I'm sorry. It's not a permanent position. I'm for term limits. And you know if you get so cocky that you don't even think you need to debate somebody, Maybe it's time for you to go. Well, here's the thing. Here's the thing. If if Jim Inhofe we're running against Ah, white guy. I would say, Yeah, he's being He's being a wimp. He needs to go debate, but he's debating he would be debating against a younger, attractive white female and there's really no way No way he is going to get in and out of a debate, let alone six of them without looking like he's beaten up on the poor, cute white chick and all he's going to end up doing Is motivating the Democrat base. I mean, that's what Steve Russell, I think learned when he.

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