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Particularly when it comes to mass of relative to covid nineteen still a lot of lingering confusion given all of the seemingly capricious and arbitrary mandates when it comes to mass but as had heath manning policy director for the independent. Women's forum says isn't it time to let them little children unmask eight thirty nine thirteen ten. Kfi k. a thirteen ten kfi k. A. dot com northern colorado's voice mornings with gail from the auto collision specialists studios joined this morning by headley heath manning halley. Thanks so much for taking the time. Of course good morning. Thanks for having me. And this Mask conundrum really resonates with you. Doesn't it it does. I've got three children. One who is four years old and we'll be starting kindergarten. This fall one who just turned three and so now is subject to denver. Cities mask mandate and one who was two months old today. Happy birthday two month old. john lucky. Fortunately she doesn't have to wear masks yet. But i wish that were the case for all of my children. I wish that i could send them to school without masks. And i think it's time for us to change the rules here in the city of denver. And and do just that now and again as you wrote in your piece. Let the little children unmasked to their credit experts at the centers for disease control. did issue that updated guidance on masking vaccinating people. Basically saying that most of us can go without masks in most places. But you know it's interesting as we saw the easing of the mask mandates. Well that led to what i affectionately referred to as mass scores two point oh as you dared being vaccinated person showing up in stores and businesses have the right to Still requests that you wear a mask in their place of business which i respect totally but sports two point where you walk in without a mask and even if you're like waving your vaccination card around people are giving stink. I mean ultimately these decisions are a matter of risk And people have different comfort levels with risk right. I would never tell another parents for example that they should not put a mask on their child if that's what they think is important and appropriate for their family. Who am i to say you know. Maybe they have someone in their family or maybe one of their children has some kind of Underlying medical condition. That i don't know about i just want the freedom to make the choice for my family will say. I don't think that these maths are good for my kids. And i think in general we as a society have zeroed in so closely on the risk of covid nineteen there might be other risks that were missing and specifically when it comes to math on little kids. I would love to see more research done on. You know what this does to children's language development. What it does to their social referencing or their ability to read emotions and other people's faces. This is really important for young kids. They're they're learning to read our faces and they're learning what it means you know. Socially and emotionally Developed and and faces are big part of that and i think the younger the child the more important that is especially with my infant daughter. Try as much as possible to avoid situations where we're gonna be surrounded by people in masks it's important for her to see my face and other people's faces and i think that's also important for my preschoolers So my decision as a parent would be to take the mask off my kids and pretty much every situation but because we live in the city of denver and because they're preschools in the city of for. I don't have the freedom to make that choice. I'm curious your preschoolers in particular. What has their reaction been to seeing people. I mean it's become the new normal seeing folks around them wearing masks. I can't up. And i mean you know your concerns about their emotional development and verbal development The those concerns are very well taken. Because yes i are the windows to the soul but is only tell you so much and you have to wonder about the social cues but were they frightened by seeing all these people wearing mass. You know i think every parent struggled with what to do and the very beginning of this pandemic and how much to tell our children what to tell our children. I effectively told my kids last spring that their school was on spring break and i told them that they were on spring break for a month or so and then eventually i realized that. Wow this is gonna be a more You no longer situation. It was going to be something that i was gonna have to open up more to my kids about. My daughter was three at the time. And so i finally explained to her. There's virus and we have to be safe. We have to avoid spreading germs. And she's been you know in pre k. All year with other students and teachers. Who wore masks and i have to say i think my little girl. Is you know pretty smart. I think she understands. I think you can reason with a child. At a certain age. She understands the purpose of the masks. I don't think she likes wearing them. She takes office in she can. And then my my poor little boy who just turned three. I mean the the week before his birthday. I was telling him. Aren't you so excited. We're gonna have spiderman cupcakes. It's going to be a big birthday party. You're turning three. And he looked at me and he said when i'm three i have to wear masks especially and i thought oh but i tried to explain to them in a lotta situations. The kids don't have to wear masks nap. Naptime snacktime lunchtime outside time. They don't have to wear masks right but the other times when they're in the classroom and they're working together in groups and they're trying to make friends with the other kids. I do think that impedes their communication. And i think it makes it harder for them to relate to the other kids and the teachers of you know. I've suggested maybe we could find some math. That are see through if that's an option on so that they can still see the movement as the lips and the mouth but ultimately we've reached the point with the pandemic where vaccinations are available. Many people are taking advantage of that. The caseload has come way down we've learned at the vaccines are pretty effective against the variants. So at a certain point you have to say. When can we get back to normal in terms of reading our kids. Breathe freely and not wear masks. And i think that time has come and gone well and particularly given the fact as you write in your piece science. I mean there has been some measure of consistency at least in one area of all the conflicting guidelines relative to covid nineteen. The science is always said. The young kids do not transmit kobe. Nineteen even the new variance of it in a significant way. That's right it was Last summer really. The summer of twenty twenty ran a couple of big studies one from south korea and Another featured and the Pediatrics which is the journal of the american pediatricians suggested that you know when you look at different age groups you find that the kids about you know eight nine or ten. They start to become more contagious. And they start to have a higher risk of disease but under that age. There's really very little risk to the health of the child and also the kids are less contagious. So they're not superspreader. They're not spreading the virus. Around which i think surprised a lot of people because when you think about other viruses like influenza virus kids are very high risk of disease and kids are also pretty germy. I've gotten several. Is my wife wars. You know they find ways to get really thirty in germany until understandably people were concerned about that but the science has told us that they're not at high risk. I think it's the other risks that we ought to be studying. What does it do to the fear and anxiety levels.

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