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Calls for things from food to electronics surged last month Consumer prices in November were up 6.8% from a year earlier leading to the highest annual inflation rate in nearly 40 years The Labor Department says the jump from October was 0.8% Inflation has been up sharply during the economy's quick pandemic recovery due in part to everything from factory supply shortages to employers who have boosted pay to attract workers and then boosted prices Some economists hope inflation will peak in coming months with supply shortages gradually easing and oil and natural gas prices dropping Sagar Meghani Washington Full of president Donald Trump has lashed out at Benjamin Netanyahu for congratulating president Joe Biden on his victory in last year's election In remarks from an interview earlier this year with an Israeli journalist Trump accuses the former Israeli leader of disloyalty saying he'd helped Netanyahu in his own elections by reversing decades of U.S. policy and supporting Israel's claims to territory seized in war Trump appeared to be particularly incensed by a video released by Netanyahu on January 20 the day Biden was inaugurated in which Netanyahu said he and Biden had a warm personal friendship going back many decades Trump is still forced the claiming the U.S. election was stolen from him I'm Charles De Ledesma A day after lying in state in the U.S. capitol former senator Bob Dole will be honored with two services in Washington There will be a private service at Washington national cathedral and a public one at the World War II memorial President Biden plans to speak at the cathedral ceremony along with Dole's family and close friends His casket then travels to the World War II memorial for a public celebration of life featuring joint chiefs of staff chairman general Mark milley and actor Tom Hanks Dole's wife former senator Elizabeth duel will lay a wreath in his honor Duhl served nearly 36 years in Congress He died Sunday at the age of 98 Mike Hempen Washington A British Appalachian court has opened the door for WikiLeaks Julian Assange to be extradited to the U.S. The court decision overturns a lower court ruling that found a Serge's mental health was too fragile to withstand the American criminal justice system the U.S. had appealed the ruling challenging the argument lawyer James Lewis saying the WikiLeaks cofounder had no history of serious and enduring mental illness U.S. prosecutors have indicted Assange on 17 espionage charges and one charge of computer misuse the new ruling is likely to be appealed Charles De Ledesma London I Mike Gracia reporting the NFL is trying to tackle its minority coaching problem The NFL is America's most popular sport dominating television ratings and playing to packed stadiums but it has a problem while nearly 70% of the league's players are black only three of the league's 32 head coaches are black and minorities account for fewer than 36% of the league's assistant coaches But the NFL is working to change that dynamic in New England where coach Bill Belichick has won 6 super bowls The 2021 season began with 8 minority assistance The most ever for a Belichick led team Four of those assistants are alums of NFL sponsored fellowship programs Yeah things are great programs great opportunity for both teams and the participants in it to make a connection You know more than casualty eventually in the workplace and on the job Veteran patriot safety Devin mccordy applauds the NFL's efforts to help teams diversify on the sidelines and in the front offices I think it's time to start seeing a year in and year out Because it's the right thing to do You know I think a lot of highly qualified people haven't been given a chance and it'll be great to see you know when people are given a chance to see what they do with it It's worth noting that two former Belichick assistants who are black went on to head coaching positions in the NFL Romeo crennel guided the Cleveland Browns the Kansas City Chiefs and on an interim basis the Houston Texans Brian Flores is currently head coach of the Miami Dolphins I'm Mike Gracia A mother in Southern California is facing criminal charges for encouraging her athlete daughter to hit an opposing player The charges of battery and contributing to the delinquency of a minor were imposed on 44 year old litera shanti hunt about a month after a punch was thrown during a girl's basketball tournament Orange County district attorney Todd spitzer says there was a physical turnover play both hunt's daughter and the victim ended up on the ground and then moments later as their heading across the court mom can be heard yelling out you'd better hit her for that And hunt's daughter did A sucker punch that knocked 15 year old Lauren ham to the floor causing a concussion and bruised neck Spitzer calls it unconscionable apparent would encourage her child to engage in violence during a sporting event But one legal expert calls the charges a stretch saying prosecutors will have a tough time proving hunt's outburst was an actual command and not just an emotional response I'm Jackie Quinn AP sports I'm Josh foundry what appeared to be a runaway in Minnesota turned into a Thursday Night Football nail biter Dalvin cook ran for 205 yards and two touchdowns but the Vikings nearly blew a 29 nothing third quarter lead They did hold on to beat Pittsburgh 36 28 Ben Roethlisberger passed for 308 yards for the Steelers now 6 6 and one Minnesota advanced to 6 and 7 on the year.

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