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We can continue the show just call the bars or whatever. But the James Gunn thing is overwhelmingly everyone's come out and said, he's a great guy like it, his his brother co-stars people completely unrelated to it, like Selma Blair and all. Like like you're gonna lists? Yeah, so them ablaze, Dave, Dave Teesta. So he's Aldana. Chris Pratt, Justin ruined Pat. And I was well in Sean gun, his brother laundry lists of people coming out today. This is a wonderful man who has done great things and has making great media and has to his credit and actually. So this is this exact thing that's come up before. What did Dave Batista say about Roseanne, Dave Batista with the out of out of the guardians of the galaxy stars, though Dave Batista is the only one who was pretty explicit about the situation. Everyone. Everyone else isn't pretty likely. They're like they went to the pre. They said, I wanna say something, but I went to play PR person. I said something that could be, you know? Yeah. But he said, I will have more to say. But right now, all I can say is this Jim's gone is one of the people. One of one of the most loving caring, good natured. People I've ever met. He's gentlemen kind and cares deeply for people in animals. He's made mistakes. We all have. I've not okay with what's happening to him. The animals thing was kind of came out of nowhere, but that's, that's the sign of a good people. Also, I mean, like to the Roseanne point, there were people that defended Roseanne to she. I saw the people ended the half apology helping out and she apologized stupid. No, no, I I'm not saying that one is right and what is wrong? Not at all. I'm just I'm trying to look at it from. Oh, well, maybe this guy. I agree. I agree with the use of arts, like all his tweets were terrible taste. Granted. They were from a decade ago and I do definitely believe people can change. I hope people can change for sure. And even he admitted as much, whether it's only because he got caught or not, whatever that's well he'd already well just multiple times. So this this is from. Twelve, oh, guardians of the galaxy director. James going apologizes for controversial jokes quote, I'm sorry and regret making them at all twenty twelve Hollywood reporter. Oh, this already came out those two years before guardians of the galaxy and was dealt with. Yeah. When he was put on gardens, the galaxy, some of this stuff came out already. This was in regards to the gay and lesbian alliance against defamation. So yeah, blog posts he'd written in twenty eleven made against months every jokes against homosexuals and owned up to it said it was immature said he was sorry, apologized for any hurt that it caused, and somehow we were all able to move on from there. I just find it fascinating. What changed from this to now. Well, so I mean, I basically was reading about this all fucking weekend because anyone who's watching now should understand that this is something that does affect everyone. You're watching it, it's well. It could affect you like like, you don't even have to have a broad between. You know, I'm saying us sitting at this table like us person you the viewer. I would say the job and someone you piss someone off at work, you microwave fish c. d. back to your Twitter timeline, they slap a printed tweet on your bosses desk. That could be it. Yes, but less so. I mean, yeah. I mean it's easier to control..

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