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The Amazon rain forest to many these fires were a surprise but CBS news correspondent man well before K. as reports that hides in the rain forest saw this coming all along well humans are largely to blame for destruction of the rain forest it's humans who have managed to maintain the healthiest parts to people like the young one hour whose chief Tasha Yar when I was spoke with us today so we'll try season they're always fires but this here is the ticket on the club the result he says of the kind of deforestation that has threatened the centuries old yeah when our way of life long time rain forest advocate and legendary singer staying venting his anger toward leadership in Brazil in a post on Facebook the musician calls the lack of action by president bowl tomorrow as a criminal negligence on a global scale the rainforest foundation funds back in nineteen eighty seven working closely with indigenous communities in Brazil and all across South America six oh six now patriots nation coming to the rescue of a Foxboro manta mom going through a pretty tough time recently here's a story Wendy Powell was inside a bank recently when she looked out the window and saw the family car going up in flames the mom of three lives paycheck to paycheck on a routine basis her daughter set up a go fund me page to help the family out wasn't enough soon got the attention of patriots owner Robert Kraft the patriots fund I decided to help out by giving an additional three thousand dollar donation at up to five grand for Wendy to help her buy a new car windy says she's blown away by the tremendous jester and one more thing go pats Tesla owners in California now have the option of buying car insurance from the electric car company more from correspondent mark Liberman test flight is now offering car insurance the company.

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