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I'm on vacation uh he said well you need to be in new york tomorrow at the james beard house because michelle is scoff and his wife are going to be here and if you will come i'm good a seat see you next to them tell tell roy i said i'm already packed we managed to get on a flight out of london to paris and paris on twa back to new york and arrived at three o'clock in the afternoon they competence the beard apartment and off we went to the beard house and that was our meeting with michelle is skopje gay the great grandson of agusta's coffee aaa and the most wonderful uh friendship took place a we traveled with michelle and his wife and i took an interest in the the skopje a museum and foundation in the little villages veal every new bay in the south of france and we started having conversation asians and especially about how a scruffy a and his great contributions to the food world which are bigger than any other chef who has ever lived in the world and up to today which i will explain to you so anyway um as a result of that um michelle had a call from some people who now have formed to escort va scooping schools here in the united states and they are operating they also have an online school and.

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