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Welcome back to another episode of this grant and talks podcast. This is a podcast of inspirational informative and fun talks with other filmmakers about their projects and their journeys. Scranton talks is part of the independent film creative hub based in Scranton Pennsylvania. Hosted by Lucca RAS and myself, as a raised linskey, who founded the independent film creative hub, which is geared to help filmmakers reach their potential and becoming successful creative artists. I am so glad you can join us again for another episode and luce and I have been hard at work doing some many awesome projects. And we are so glad to bring you this next episode of screen talks. Usa and I had the pleasure to talk with director and filmmaker Tristan, Marcellus Winfrey. Tristan is a local Chicago writer, director, actor, producer, teaching artist and filmmaker. He attended the university of Houston downtown studying fine arts. He has had the privilege to perform a collaborate with theater companies such as the alley theater ensemble theater, pride film in place, Goodman theater Congo square theater, Oak Park festival, Chicago dramatist, LatinX theater commons in other companies. His film and commercial credits include pain as the agent of change short film. The helium begins documentary, the Thai bar, big break teen prevention, windstream kinetic energy. Tristan is a huge advocate for mental health awareness. He uses his platform to make a change in the world one step at a time. Lucy and I delve deep with Tristan on his filmmaking journey, and what has inspired him on the films he created, including talking about his recent documentary, the healing begins. Tristan, sums up the documentary with this point. We are in a new era of retelling our story as black people. The healing of ourselves and the world we live in will come when.

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