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The uh was going to happen on my liberal complain about too many gamma rays barak they silver cheek chicken you know multi hiding under his r y you underground wonder why you want me to live with these these guys biggest shaken in the nba you know what i mean rubberstamping combat really laid down are right this is adam silver replacing abroad who used to be the biggest chicken in the nba congratulations adam silver while i'll tell you one thing if i were the one making the escape who make leblanc liberal plate that eighty two games in '83 nights that's what i would do what gone one line up there again that's what i would do see how far better than i thought it was i thought 'i'm playing double dammit he could do it xu baseball have some splendid joe ways for calling the they'll three equal blaming threegame joe west got me was so concerned about it that when our radio show call them today could talk because he was very busy on the golf course adrian belle trey himself says look i don't mind the joe west did this in an interview joe was celebrating 5000 games he doesn't care so much and the umpires union cares the baseball is done this of course it's wrong to suspend joe west for having an opinion i don't know how wrong it is i mean if the roles were reversed if there was a player complaining about an on those differs lear in the media of course that player would get fined than if he did it enough he'd probably get suspended but i'm curious about what jill west is is really angry about with adrian beltre here because in every other sport i mean you see it in basketball guy scream and wound when they don't get fouled you see it in football the wide receivers thrown out you know the flag the fake flag from their back pocket it happens all the time it seems like an other sports everybody's this level of crybaby i don't know why he singled out adrian belle trade just for those comments.

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