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With jury selection today Roger is charged with manslaughter for the two thousand fifteen shooting of thirty one year old korry Jones, and one of Raja's defense will be the state's controversial stand your ground law. According to the police report Jones had a concealed weapons permit and pulled a handgun. That's when Raja shot him. Rogers attorney said he identified himself and fired after Jones threatened him. This is Ricky bowl Fe. Newstalk eight fifty W F T L actor jussie smollet charged with a felony last night for filing a false police report law enforcement officials tell NBC news Chicago police issued roughly a dozen search warrants scouring financial and phone records looking to lake small latte to the main. He claimed attacked him. False police report charges carry a possible three-year prison sentence smell is expected to appear in court today for a bond hearing, we'll see governor Rhonda Santa's wants to bring cheaper Canadian drugs to Florida to cut healthcare costs. The governor says not only would a drug importation program saved Floridian residents money, but he would also save the state budget tens of millions of dollars spent on prescription drugs for prisoners. Roger stone's former residents in Fort Lauderdale now up for rent the houses where two dozen heavily armed FBI agents, arrested stone in January his wife says he is moving into a smaller apartment nearby to save money for his legal defence a for rent. Sign has been posted outside the Fort Lauderdale property, but he might not even need the smaller apartment because the federal judge in his case may throw him in jail today for posting a controversial Instagram photo of her Alexi Baer news talk eight fifty W F T L teachers in Palm Beach county can now expect to get a three percent raise. Now that emotion was approved by the county commission, their yearly. Salary will increase up to three point five percent based on a teacher performance. According to the school district the starting salary sees a forty one thousand dollars for the maximum salary. Expands to eighty four thousand dollars suspended Broward sheriff, Scott, Israel, still waging a legal battle in Tallahassee to get his job back. His attorney spoke yesterday's pretrial hearing will be seeking a Bill of particulars. As to numerous portions of the executive order of suspension. So that sheriff Israel is given sufficient information know with precision what forms the basis for his suspension. Go to our website. If he wwl dot com for more the pretrial, motions steps are being taken to make Broward County schools safer. The school board yesterday voted to implement a formal code policy and require each classroom to have a hard corner both measures recommended by the public safety commission. The beach county judge sentenced suspending sheriff excuse me sheriff deputy Michael devan driver's license for three months for high-speed crash that caused serious bodily injury UCF engineering student Sarah FOX, suffered a brain injury and spent a month in a coma. Here's her father. I read everything we take for granted every.

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