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Was over. Injured had an enormous amount of injuries. No wonder they were on a game. Losing chess schedule or skid and joseph martinez you ostracize the club's biggest star the biggest personality the one player. The fans have a true feeling for to engage before he pushed him aside. Once that happened. it was over. So let's credit some of the reporting because it was brilliant reporting done on this the athletic the atlanta journal constitution act former colleague. Here at espn as well. Doug mcintyre now over at fox did a great job on some of the granular detail a macintosh acquiesce behind behind. What's happened here so you've hired gabrielle. Heinsohn on the heels of hiring frank deboer. I'm less interested now in hindsight and wondering. Who's hiring the coaches. If we're looking at an atlanta united team that seems to be in decay. Don't we need to look further up now. This is too big bold. Coaching hires that have been too big bold coaching failures. Now isn't this on darren. Eales and carlos bocanegra dare neal's and my former teammate and friend carlos book are definitely on the hook and not just. The coaching hires and fires. But also the player personnel on. How they've got completely this roster all wrong if you look at the amount of money that atlanta has wasted and coaching hires and player turnover. It's no wonder they are where they are today. And it also should tell you how lucky they were with that martino how they knocked it out the park with them and how instrumental probably was in bringing talent in in retailing talent and building a roster because the last two rosters. They've tried to build have not been good so this next this next higher for them is literally make or break for one of these two. If not both absolutely they are on the hook. So if i look bigger picture here her i see joseph martinez winning out and a one on one battle with gabrielle. Heintze elsewhere in the league. See josie altidore winning out on one on one battle with chris. Armas these are two of the stars if you want to call them that the stars of major league soccer of this league do do these players. Have too much power when it comes actually. Who's in charge of the dressing. Foos in charge of these clubs. You know you said this last week and it made me think you're absolutely right sevi- and it's because these clubs are handcuffed when it comes to the salary cap when you're going to literally construct your roster around three players you have to completely knock it out the park with these players. They have to produce for you. Not only on the field but off the field and if you miss if.

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