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Hate that guy? He blocked me on twitter. Really wished I could be considered that brought you together. This time he was a big fan though. Yeah he used to come to a lot of comedy shows his son. I think and his son brought his whole family on New Year's Eve at the Improv One. One weekend yeah one year rather yeah. It was weird. It was weird it was like Jesus Christ Gene Simmons in the fucking honest. When I was a kid like I'd kiss. They were awesome when I was a kid. God Damn Man. It was like my favorite band is a weird bill. Is People at mock you if you if you love them. I was obsessed. You remember the movie. They did where they took over vocal park part. Yes I remember that the power went out in the middle of me watching it and I cried. We'd hold the executive I don't know probably like eleven or something like that was a pathogens house. I must've been seven and I was like I was like this is the greatest movie ever. My parents came home. I go. We're not done we're not done. I didn't really cry but I might as well. God it's fucking powers off my dad. My Dad would wake me up. And he wait for the seven eleven commercials where their own slurpee and he'd crank it up. Go shouted shout it. Shout out loud hop up a regular school first grade school kid that was into kiss identify with a particular member. Like my friend. Havi air was really in a Peter. Chris Oh my God. I was hardcore into Peter Chris. I met Peter Certain dudes that thought they were Paul Stanley certain dues like I. I was gene timid fan. I was in between Peter. Christmas really really solo album school everything that I would be spiritual enough to be tuned in as freely because as field was the space man right. He was the dude with mellow with the guitar. The crazy guitar. He had a really good solo album. Remember they did. A Solo faces on it. Yeah Ban in New York groove. Yeah I love that Song. Do they had some amazing? Like like the branding of kiss like meaning like you. Remember them in the suits picture them in the suits. Yeah dressed to kill. Yeah that was a fucking hate that I hate Gene Simmons like I wanNA love him so sad. It's hard remember the story but I saw one day. Someone sent it to me. One of my friends said to me US talking about you hating gene. Simmons gotTa kind of forgot about that about interaction with them there. It is a bad ass in clogs. He's wearing clogs. There were there. Were different kinds of people back then. God I feel like there's no way we would ever be able to understand what life was like. Being a bunch of dudes who world-famous wearing makeup mocked openly mocked by so many members of the music community whether it's radio stations. They wouldn't play. They thought they were a joke. And you're a fool if you liked their music and then they take their makeup off for a little bit. Remember that Kiss Unmasked. Remember that nobody was into it. Act House gene. Simmons looks like I was like hard past but they war everybody out. They wore everybody out. They stayed in the game. I mean they replace two members as freely impede Chris kind of rotated in now and eventually they replaced him with New People that play the same characters as a new dude. Is The cat dude new dude? Who's a space dude? And for a while. They try to do it. Differently added a Fox. One guy was Fox. I can't fuck out of here. You know remember that. Yeah. Yeah Yeah. Yeah when Peter Chris was gone they put it in some new dude. Instead of a cat he was like Fox was a real problem. And the the hardcore kiss fans like this is fucking bullshit. He knows a hardcore fan. Who Kevin James? No Mean Kevin James. Two nights in a row went to see kiss in La. I think think it was that forum during their Comeback Tour. Because we thought they would never gonNA come back again. So this is me Kevin James and man. I don't know what year that was but it was in the nineties. Who was at the Fox Eric car? Yeah he's a foreign car. Fuck out of here Bro. Nice Guy Great Musician. Don't get me wrong. Can't add new characters Kevin James and I could not be more different. Yeah he's a he's a great guy he's a great guy would love. I know Kevin but I mean if you really knew like I know him. I'm tight with them. Hooked him up with my manager. We have the same manager. We have from the very beginning. I've known Kevin for Twenty Nine Years Gary and I were tight very tight with Gary to a love. He's a great guy. Gary Valentine one of my favorite stories ever one time. We're at the IMPROV. And he goes burkey shot Gary and he grabs. He grabs two shots and he hands me one and then he grabs his and takes his back when the Improv had candles and he does a shot of a candle wax. All goes wrong one. Okay Valentine is the fucking funniest human being Matt Jenkins. Shot a candle. Just Spicer's litany goes online. I can't be good. Yeah the interesting. What are the what are their hits? Real name is not there. Don't be giving up their real name. You Fuck Fuck as Christ Bert Kreischer causing trouble. They both got different names. But their brothers and sisters brothers Kevin's he's an interesting cat. He really is very interesting guy required. We sat one time in his house when Me and Gary and a couple of the guys I was getting wasted and he was just sitting there looking at me and he was like. What are you partying for? Think enjoying it and he goes. What all your success. And he's like I said Kevin I would be doing a different issue. He was he was so you remember. He drove like a. I want to say a Jeep Cherokee on his third season King of Queens hid like he was very conservative. Never yeah well. He's he's a guy who plays the cards close to his chest. Such a sweet duty introduce Minagawa Kamalia. He's the only reason why I've ever been in any movies. I did some terrible movies that nobody saw before but like the movies that I did once I did need to do anything. Any anywhere anymore. In terms of acting was his movies I did two of his music I did a zookeeper and I did Here comes the boom and the only reason why I did it because I love Kevin. Such great zookeeper was fun too so ridiculous. I had to learn how to dance like it took months and months and my time was really interesting. I saw that dance can actually ridiculous man Sebastian. Some of the some I I in all fairness some of what you see is not actually me. Some of it is me but there was this dude. Who's a professional dancer? Who was like standing? Who was amazing. He was amazing. So the the stuff where. It's clearly me I definitely did a lot of the stuff all the stuff with me and Leslie Bibb where at holder and all that stuff that was mu one hundred percent but this is so much better than make where. Where are you? Couldn't tell they stuck him in and he was like built like. May and it was perfect. It was like it. Nobody can tell 'cause he was really good. Like when you see how hard it is to actually dance ego my God like when you see property real professional it's one of the most dismiss things with people dismiss it like. Oh what a frivolous lawsuit than he had dance. But if you can really dance. It's so impressive when someone has full control of their body as Tom said to me. Because I'm a better dancer than Dude I did. I Fuck Tom. Let me tell you that. Cock sucker my daughters my daughters. My daughter's saw Tom's video and they looked at it. And they're like way Thompkin dance. I go you didn't say that when you saw my video and they go. You paid someone to teach dance. I go Soeda fucking he do you think he did it on his own. They go it looks like it. At least I try to do the Irish dance for the release of the special. But you got appreciate the fact that Tom did it in a Steven seagal carrot. Don't ever like if you I swear to God if you watched the video of me watching that for the first time it's a love letter. It's a man reading a love letter from his boyfriend. When Tom I said he goes. How do you feel I said privately? I go made me feel very honored that you did that. And he goes because I love you like when he put that out so much. I go 'cause I thought I put out my dance video and everyone made fun of it and we watched it. We giggled but the fact that inspired Tom to drop eight thousand. Whatever we spent eighty one hundred hundred ten thousand the fact that he made reply video made me so fucking excited when you went so deep. He went so word. You Know Joe you realize what he did. He made me. He told us he goes. I sat and did facial recognition forum. Yeah we talked about it. Oh He fucked Yarbrough. Bro. I'm gonNA stay in bed going getting Tom. I swear to God guy had the Ma Sheen shirt on we sell those. We sell those now. They're fucking going crazy. They're all at my shows. Sheen. Oh my God it's fun to watch. Our fans are fans. Go back go back and forth with US bus balls with us because that's all all we do. Yeah but I know it is. It is fun. It's cool that our specials are back to back because I think look I. I want his special. I want his best will be number. One trending on Netflix. Without a doubt. But don't worry about it. No no no no no no because to watch the mind will be number two number two. Let all the fucking so sad. It looks like you eight Joey. Poor guy that's a real person. Well that gentleman should take this time to better himself. We can all do better. I can sometimes people. Just go off. The rails guy went off the rails is diet and diet diets everything on the Carnivore. Diet during all this craziness. Because I'm just eating. Yeah I'm just eating calories because I like the supply chain and the way things are is no way I can justify only eating meat unless I'm only in my meat like the elk meat that I eat and I'll give you don freezer bags for you. Fuck yes I love giving it away to man. Eleven people cook it but other than that. It's like I need food like. I'm not concentrating on weird. Diets are make sure. I mean I could eat only meat but I'm not even thinking about that right now when I'm thinking about right now making sure that make the right decisions with everything that I do from here out because I think we're in unsung territory or a neverland. How long do you think you can go? I don't know but here's the thing we we. This is what I really feel like. We gotta do this together like it's not. The problem is even thinking. How long can you last was part of? The problem is even thinking that well. How long can we last? How long can all all of us last and I think this is if the power goes out? That's when we're really forced to cooperate and I don't want the power to go out. I wants to figure it out before that happened. I want us to take this plunge into the apocalypse and baby steps. Here's my question. Would you host a Shitty game? Show hold on if it meant giving money to people in need the money in this time they go. Hey Joe we want you to host. Who wants to be a millionaire? He but why would I do that that way when I could do it right here? I'm just saying I'm just anywhere else. No no I don't WanNa boss. You can't do it. Can't well nothing you do. You could do if someone was looking over your shoulder telling you what to do..

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