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For February twenty eighth a funeral for February twenty ninth both in Hudson New Hampshire the Pentagon says for enough was one of two Air Force officers killed in a crash last month of an electronic surveillance plane in Afghanistan the matter remains under investigation but officials have said there's no indication the plane was down by hostile action we're hearing from actor Ben Affleck here's ABC's Jason Nathanson Ben Affleck continuing to open up about his alcoholism and divorce from Jennifer garner I really don't want my children to pay for my sins telling Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America that he knows first hand about being the child of an alcoholic and the worry that brings for kids what if my dad gets truck what if he does something stupid or she as of one CMC Affleck is given a few candid interviews now while promoting his upcoming film the way back J. Symington's an ABC news Hollywood the founder and our client of hair club for men has died in space sandy's hair were on TV in commercials in the nineteen eighties mostly during late night I'm size Sperling president of hair club for men in the late sixties Sperling was getting frustrated with two pays he perfected a system where a nylon mesh cap was glued to the scalp the business took off commercials featured before and after photos these men are actual plans not models and then like you discover that you don't need drugs or chemicals surgery Americal to have a full head of hair the ads would end with sy Sperling proclaiming I'm not only they have a president I'm also planned Sperling sold the business in two thousand he died in Florida at seventy eight I'm a Donahue the university of southern California will phase in free tuition for undergrad students.

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