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Moment. W T O P News one of 3.5 FM. It's a 38 minutes, traffic and weather on the AIDS now back to Jack Taylor in the Traffic Center. I'm gonna go out back again to the Bay Bridge. 50 eastbound the left lanes Black with two way with work soon. You've got no two way prep to know Two way operations right now, but the westbound span there is now a red X over the left lane. That could be for two a preparation. We earlier had word of maybe some debris on the westbound span. So for now, one lane East, two lanes west, the left lanes blocked on the westbound span and the left lanes blocked on the eastbound span. We know the work is on the eastbound span, all right into Virginia 66 going westbound near Nutley Street, Vienna. Reports of a crash on 29 Year Hill Wood Avenue in Falls Church that stretch of Washington Street. You may find accident activity Watch four direction. You're quiet on 95 3 95 here in good shape. 66 East had a Gainesville No worries on 4 95 between Alexandria and McClane. Pretty quiet otherwise in Maryland again the workout on 50 of the bridge, but we're good on the stretch of the Beltway between Bethesda in Oxon Hill. To 70 north and south between Frederick in Bethesda were quiet between the Beltway's on 95 in the B W Parkway. All these metro stations, the trains will not stop there inside the security perimeter. So these stations Closed. Farragut North Judiciary Square Union Station Archives, Arlington Cemetery, Farragut, West McPherson Square, Federal Center, Southwest Capital, South Smithsonian Federal Triangle Gallery Place and Metro Center. Again. Trains will not stop at these stations. Marc Train Service suspended on the pen, Camden and Brunswick Lines resuming Thursday morning v R E will not operate through Wednesday. This week v R. E plans to resume the S schedule service plus Fredericksburg Line trains 303 +07 on Thursday morning. Don't forget the complete list of closures through downtown, Obviously, with Inauguration Preparation Freeway Going West, There's no access to Main Avenue and Potomac Park, the park police headquarters that ramps closed. Newer one was this morning South Bend on the Rock Creek Parkway Down near Virginia Avenue. All traffic must turn left again that full list on w t o p dot com All those numbered streets cross the National mall are closed through Inauguration Day. Start the year off right with window nation's most popular deal. Put no money down, make no payments for two full years. And get two free windows for every two you buy. Call 866 90 Nation Today Jack Taylor. W T o p. Traffic Starting for meteorologists. Lauren Ricketts has our forecast. If you're looking for any rain or snow, maybe a week from today, That's it. We're dry this week, a little, the breezy side today. Temperatures rising into the low to mid forties.

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