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Jamal belong Setback. Devante wide to the right side. Soft coverage by Jalen Ramsey On that side, Rodgers takes fakes. The handoff looks to throw lots it down the middle Lissa face He is gone, Touched up. The Packers with a dagger 31 Day, 80 That's right. It was a dagger in the game because it did feel like that. The Rams were hanging around, and Jared Goff didn't played that poorly last night. I'm not a big fan of Jared Golf, but I didn't think that he played badly in the game and you start looking at his numbers. He was He was more than competent 21 or 27 174 yards. It's not great for yards per attempt, and he was sacked four times, but it was a passer rating of one or 5.9. They're run game was terrific yesterday. Or should I say you can makers was terrific yesterday average five yards a carry. And I give charming. They a lot of credit because they were they were trying You continue the run game, even in the third quarter, like they're like, Hey, it doesn't matter that we're down two touchdowns. It doesn't matter. We need to be able to run the ball. And they tried to do it. But the Packers defense is super good. And it's now matched up with their offense. Watching Aaron Rodgers. Played quarterback is like watching someone conduct a symphony. And you see when he figures out these mismatches that are going on How he's able to take advantage of them. How he's able to know. Do a box count. To know where the defense is shifting to knowing where he's got one on one matchups and then exploiting it. He didn't even play his best game yesterday. They were a couple throws that he missed. But that that syriza of downs right before the half where and there was like a touchdown opportunity there When you see some of the throws that he makes, and you're thinking, well, he's got 75 yards and, like 30 seconds Doesn't matter. He's that locked in right now. He's playing at that level right now, and it's it's fun to watch him. I'm happy for him. He's one of my favorite players in the league. And towards the end of the McCarthy era. Football wise, I mean, not politically. Towards the end of the McCarthy air. It felt like a guy that was out of sorts that didn't have an offense that was able to put on display. His incredible set of skills. To use a line from taking Until Patrick Mahomes came along. We looked in there and it still might be the truth. I'm just saying that Patrick Mahomes is at least in the conversation. Air. Rogers was the most talented quarterback who would ever played in the NFL. I'm not saying that he's the goat. I'm saying that he was the most talented With all the things that you ask a quarterback to do, he could do them at an a level. Arm strength accuracy. Rolling on the run. Intelligence speed. Understanding when and where to run. He happened in yesterday's game. Yesterday when he's down by the goal line and he pump fakes. It gets Hlynur Floyd up in the air and goes right around him to score a touchdown. The guy has everything you want in a quarterback. If you're building a quarterback, it's built up like either Patrick Mahomes or Aaron Rodgers. You got all the things that you need at your disposal. And then you bring in Matt Leflore and Matt Leflore. There was. There was a lot of consternation about whether or not this whole thing could work. Whether these two guys get function together, and now you're seeing an offense that has Loud Aaron Rodgers to flourish. Into what I suspect is going to be him winning the M V P He's he's just He's like a cheat code. Sometimes when you see him when he's locked in the floor, said that that group That group is super confident, although our guys maybe not didn't get the respect they deserve, you know for the media. We knew what we had in terms of players that we had on our roster and they've embraced the challenge and they've gotten better and they've gone out. Done it. It all starts with their their approach and how they prepare. And I wanted Go back to the idea that the best left tackle in the game. Is missing. And did the Packers offense look like you missed the beat? Nope. Now it'll be a harder fight, no matter which defense they take on. Whether they take on Tampa or whether they take on the Saints. Both of those defense. Is there going to be tougher because they'll be closer to full strength, then what the Rams are without Aaron Donald in the middle of their defensive line. Speaking of which Chamakh they talked about The Rams getting to this point. You know, If we go back to week 17, there was an opportunity for the Rams to not make the playoffs. They end up making the playoffs. The quarterback's gotta surgically repaired thumb. The best player on their defense, and maybe the best defense of player in the league. Not have not really there there, but not really there that being said McVeigh was proud of what his team showed. Love this football team. Love what you know the I love the scars that we were able to respond from. You know, there was a lot of ebbs and flows this year, but the men in that locker room I'm very appreciative of. You know, the thing about the NFL is, there's change is inevitable you year in and year out, but very grateful for the experience is in the opportunity to work with such a great group of coaches and players. I love watching some vague coach. How about him, pulling the varsity blues hook and lateral play on.

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