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Kim Jong. You're embarrassing wonder park rated PG play. Woodstock is a short ride on metre from my from my door to to get there in less than an hour because I start by the Gladstone stop. So it makes me very happy to just get on the train and head over to Woodstock. I did it several times last year because we had an incredible event. There's always so much going on on Woodstock the farmer's market. The car celebrate all kinds of things music at the opera house performances. You name it. What do you got going on that deputy mayor Mike Turner? What what are some of the great things that you want to highlight that we just came out of our, you know, kind of our flagship event which is groundhog day. That's right. Of course that went very well. I mean, we've since we've been promoting and doing the things with our real Woodstock campaign. It's it has helped to grow that. And the the volunteers who who put time in and have been for twenty plus years on that doing outstanding job. So we enter this period. Much like the weather where we're. Begging for something to to you know to do. So. The couple things coming up tomorrow. In fact, this event called shamrock a which is a bet and street street party. Is it a heated tent? Okay. Although the flaps can be lifted up. I'm sure if it's decent enough weather. It probably will. Eleven in the morning till eleven the afternoon. Heated tent bands, beer food. Great great, great kind of chill event. And the best news. Maybe is it's right across from the metro train station. So you are you are one minute from off that train. How does that go eleven o'clock? Am I I'm going to be in Aurora is Woodstock stop from Aurora? That's on the that's a different line. That's the west. We're on the pistolet slight center anchors leagues on yours. Yes. I was trying to put them together. Okay. So but the Union Pacific northwest eleven o'clock tomorrow shamrock. Yep. We got a concert coming up with garnet Rogers and Chris Matthews. They Garnett is a Canadian folksinger and Chris kind of up and coming talent who's out of Washington DC has coming up at the opera house later in March on the twenty fourth Jimmy Webb Jimmy Webb is kind of in dubbed as America's songwriter. He's written songs for hundreds of artists Glen Campbell. Art garfunkel. Johnny rivers, fifth dimensions. His song songs include MacArthur park up in a way, Galveston me, you know, your own into older music. But this guy's had a heck of a of a of a career, and he's going to be performing at the opera house on April. Twenty-seventh something really cool. Coming up is that our own opera house director Daniel Campbell has come up with an is now joining national theatre live. Okay. Which is it's an effort. By Britain's national theatre Canadian Canada's Stratford festival and Moscow's Bolshoi to. Live feed theater. Okay. Across the world. That's wonderful. And so in the opera house mixing old and new we're going to be doing a a viewing of life theater as you sit in a hundred and fifty year old theater. That's pretty cool. So that series starts with the with Frankenstein on April. Twentieth and includes MacBeth King Lear, Anthony Cleopatra and it runs through September. So great idea real Woodstock dot com. Will get you to the opera house and get you to those shows really worth looking at. It's kind of cool. I love that idea opera houses gorgeous for those who've never been to Woodstock the if there's one place that you know, you should lure you. It is the opera house, which of course, featured strongly in groundhog day quite a bit. And was where was where Orson Welles studied for? That's correct. A great deal of time in in Woodstock is kind of one of our our claims to fame that and dick Tracy the creator of dick Tracy is from what's. Yeah. He he spent his time just outside on a on a farm and dick Tracy is dick Tracy history. And actually the things that we're in that script were quite predictable things that have actually occurred right divide a little devices and all the little things that were part of that. So you know in the characterization. He was doing was far ahead of his time. One of the great things we have in Woodstock is a mural brand new mural that that depicts Woodstock famous people from Woodstock and Woodstock and film. And so obviously groundhog day Bill Murray's there, you got you know, Ned Stephen kobetski his picture right next to the the restored movie theater is this mural. It's fantastic. Great great thing to say, it's very cool, by the way, dick Tracy's, the movie needs to be remade. And. You know, what you're right. That would be. It would kind of it could be very insightful. You bring it to today's time. It would be so much better. Warren Beatty did not. That was really really weak. It was a strange casting wrong time with the CGI stuff in this things. They can do. Now. I think more inventive storytelling. I think it would. That's got potential Curtis. Who can help us get dick Tracy made. Here's like, hey, you've got some you've got some scripts. You've got I heard you've got scripts in right now. So maybe I'll just call a Hollywood on speed. Could you do that for me, could you? Yes. I think that's the key. I believe we have that number already in the contact list. The contactless Hollywood just general Hollywood. Yeah. Mccall get I think someone's up to answer the phone eight fifty four there. Yeah. Yeah. What else he had going on? I know that we have some great events coming up. We did last last year when we talk as time yet to talk about time to start planning and talking about that very for you guys are doing it on my birthday again. I think are we because I have to admit not knowing exactly. But now, we're we're ready to do it again. It had great response from folks that that went to it and the head of buzz for those that didn't go, but yeah. Talk to people who did. So I think we got something building there. I know we do. And I think that we want to we want to keep that going, and we want to find ways to expand enhance and make it work continue to work and make it continual. So we're definitely going to keep looking at that perfect love that. And I know you've got a lot of what we were talking about a theory L moving. They're still building a new space. If people have been cereals my favorite chocolate fantasy world. This is not just some run of the mill business, or you know, not that they're all classifying any businesses run of the mill, but it's not just it's not just somebody thrown out chocolate. This is a business that you know, the manner in which they select refine manufacturing create their candies, and then the chocolate tear in the way that they ship worldwide the following that they have and what they're doing now moving into this new space as extrordinary it's going to expand their operation. It turns it into a destination more than even it was going to do. Speakeasy in the basement, and and talking about a patio on the top, and it's right on the square. So we see it as a, you know, a center point another center point, two two reasons to come to Woodstock you have so many. I mean, all the businesses there's shops all along that beautiful city center, where there whether it's the square where they have, you know, whether it's art, you know, artists who have their they're wonderful pieces of work for sale and boutiques and. A was there? A memorabilia store I'm trying to think there was like. All businesses name all the businesses on the square. At the end of the deputy mayor position teasing. Great restaurants. There's just so many great things. Mentioned mentioned on that we as a city have put a great deal of effort into downtown business plan, and it is it has been finished polished and is ready to go. What is very unique about Woodstock is that we have some substantial properties of you look down the train line. You will not find another city. I dare say that has the kind of development space for residential and commercial retail mix. Like Woodstock does by its downtown next to the train station, and our city staff is taking taking calls actively promoting it and as a councilman, and as a resident probably more important as a resident I wanna see that infill. I wanna see development. I wanna see some good smart. You know, great looking things that put a thousand new people downtown. So that we go to the next stage. If you're looking for somewhere to start something new it sounds like Woodside might be the right place. Let's say a break here. We're gonna keep a, Deb. Cd mayor Mike Turner for our finally Friday panel coming up after the news at eleven more on the patio Vasquez show, seven twenty WGN spring.

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