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Time is three thirty news headlines are next. Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Dave Mattingly deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein says his resignation will take affect may eleventh. NPR's Matthew Schwartz says Rosenstein departure has been expected since William bars confirmation as the nation's attorney general Rosenstein appointed special counsel, Robert Muller to investigate connections between Trump and Russia in November Trump retweeted an image of Rosenstein and others behind bars suggesting he'd be jailed for treason in February Trump accused him of quote, planning a very illegal act when he allegedly discussed ways to remove Trump from office early in his presidency, Rosenstein said he was grateful to Trump for the chance to serve Rosenstein and bar determined. There was insufficient. Evidence Muller's report to charge the president with obstruction of Justice, a sixty year old woman shot and killed at a synagogue in southern California over the weekend. We'll be buried today. Three others were wounded in the attack. Japan's eighty five year old Emperor Akihito is abdicating. His throne NPR's Anthony Kuhn in Tokyo says the emperor delivered his final address today ending a thirty year reign. The emperor thanked people for accepting him as their constitutional symbol of the state. And he prayed for peace for the world and Japan, the emperor son crown prince, our hito was sense to the throne officially at a ceremony tomorrow. This is NPR news from Washington. A witness to a helicopter crash in Hawaii says all you could see was fire as the tour helicopter was falling from the sky that was in suburban Honolulu yesterday. Police say the crash killed all three people aboard another witness a paramedic describes hearing a horrific bang before seeing the aircraft plummet to the ground and Gulf inflames, the National Transportation Safety board is investigating in Missouri. The top elected official in Saint Louis county is facing federal charges for allegedly steering government contracts to campaign donors, Rachel Lipman. With Saint Louis public radio says Steve stinger resigned after the charges were unsealed county executive Steve stagger has been under investigation for more than a year. The democrat is facing bribery, corruption and mail fraud charges for among other schemes making sure that a large donor got insurance and marketing contracts assistant US attorney Hal Goldsmith says the probe is ongoing investigation..

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