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Paul Maxwell there's no room for compromise when you're making a quality shake that's why in and out uses realized scream to make a shake that's refreshingly rich and deliciously smooth if your in simple that's dedication to quality you can taste ponderosa homes as a brand new collection of single and two story homes at sycamore in Pleasanton with by sending designs that embody exquisite craftsmanship impressive amenities in spacious interiors enjoyed Pleasanton small town charm and rich culture just minutes from shopping dining entertainment and first class schools model homes now open Thursday through Sunday ten to five contact phone ponderosa is designated lenders and get pre qualified visit ponderosa homes dot com California license zero one two five seven five six seven have you done your homework at yes I'm talking to you have you done your homework yet just like mom always made you finish your school work before playing you have some homework to do before playing in retirement this is signed it is called finding the income gap what you know that every Texan affect and financial and insurance services can help you with the rest to start your assignment just text word income to eight hundred four five four eleven eighty four to get your complimentary copy of Eric's guide to building the income bridge for your retirement this is a bridge guide will show you the three simple steps you can take to create income in retirement by the time you're done with it you'll be able to easily calculate how much income you need for your retirement plans so you can enjoy the financial independence you work so hard for so to get this complementary report text income date hundred four five four eleven eighty four text the word income to eight hundred four five four eleven eighty four investment advisory services offered to happen financial and insurance services zinc a registered.

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