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We have a crowded outfield. Taylor knocking down the door. I wonder if contending teams are looking for rookie. That hasn't performed anything. No no way. I wonder if contending teams are looking for potential all star player contract. This is what got as a valuable things. I don't think you're right about those two being connected where i thought you were going to go with it. Which i thought would have been an interesting ideas. It's a way of showing faith in kalmyk la. Yeah you're struggling but we believe in you so strongly that not only we're gonna let you hit. I forever apparently were also going to deal potential competition because we believe in that strongly or it's just telling teams we think we've got a overloaded outfield. We're willing to do business. We float taylor tra mel. But hey you wanna call us about mitch if yeah hey you know. We're willing to move in outfielder. Hey guys we know. We saw your travel report. What we really wanna talk chandigarh. Like all right i mean. Hey we tried opened a business if you wanna blow us away. A guy for forty. Two home runs this year. Who gets those days injured all the time and hasn't signed a. Is there a way that you can picture where it's a good scenario that mccain occur doesn't sign a contract extension by the trade deadline is on the roster at the end of the year. That's difficult for me to see. Yeah you don't want to go into the final year with me days where you better figure out what's going to happen with mitch. Kapor you're bringing me around on. I think there's there's something to it so all that is fine. Just don't trae taylor terrell because you're greedy it's too early. It's too early to do that. Last thing here on the mariners and we'll talk to joe fan. But i got one of these tweets. Yes and i. And i know twitter is not real life so i like always kind of start with that preface but we see these things a lot and yet i'm i i always feel like they don't fully sink in 'cause it's hard and i totally get where this guy's coming from this game from a guy named david who's who in the tenth. There may was the ninth. It was after the eighth inning on monday memorial day where they blew therefore to lead and set michelle savage came in and literally which happens anyway. Says this is painful to watch today. These are the kind of losses. That are inexcusable. It's not over yet. But not smart ball like really. It's inexcusable to lose the game after you've won four straight to better team in the oakland a.'s. When you have a bunch of young guys like there's no such thing as an inexcusable game to lose in general for for for them based on where they are in their development but beyond that like the bullpen blows a lead. Of course that's excusable. That's like the most excusable thing the mariners. Anyway he wrote me back and was like. Hey because i had said well. Of course they're excusable. They're young they're rebuilding. They spent about four dollars on there. Like yeah they're gonna lose some games anyway. The response is i understand that but it's been a long drought and fans are hopeful but also tired waiting for the rebuild. I do believe they're moving in the right direction. Okay tough like i keep coming back to this answer of. Let me make this a little bit easier for you. Your patience is not gonna be rewarded in may or june of two thousand twenty one. No one is trying to take away the fact that it's been a long painful twenty years it has been all of those things and frustration is running high. I get it. I understand it. I agree with it. I support it but the idea of well. I'm frustrated so they better win in may and june of twenty one like. It just doesn't work that way. That's not what's going to get you over your anguish. What's gonna get you over. Your english is investing this off season and having the young kids. Come up and do the things they're supposed to do not whether or not gt charge. Wa- is any good. That doesn't matter shark. Gua- i don't care is a chug walk. Hasley balk on monday. And that's a bummer. Gt chug wa. The matter he it'd be great if he's good right he's been pretty good baby. He's part of it. I don't know maybe he goes back turns into a pumpkin. And doesn't that's fine but it doesn't matter whether or not jt charge doi- does something dumb and boxing run in a big game. It doesn't it doesn't matter it has nothing to do with your frustration and the long drought. He's not part of that. Nor is mentioned. Before jack mayfield or sam haggerty or there's a guy playing for them last week. I've legitimately never heard of his name. Is eric campbell. And i had to google him because i thought he was a pitcher. Who for the rangers. And i found out. He is currently at the plate batting for the mayor and i have never heard of him. Oh i heard a story. He was like to be done. Virtually connecticut the c. You yeah and then he was like yeah. I'll come this toot of college. Summer league is a career to twenty three major league hitter and we could use him to twenty three. Be huge upgrade. Thanksgiving came in. And he like he had a seventy for two weeks. Is this guy had a he. I never heard him i. It's so weird transaction right. Those things happen. I miss this one. So why were they. Keep referring to a soup. Who sued campbell soup campbell. It doesn't matter whether he's good. It does not affect. I hear you. I hear you. It matters if trump Years of it doesn't matter and that's what it is coming throughout the no. It doesn't matter. Twenty-one it didn't matter twenty didn't matter in one thousand nine hundred seventeen and eighteen and fifteen and fourteen. That's not true though it. Those many years of being told this doesn't matter. But i don't think we said that until until it stopped mattering for a little while. Never say that and say that always said it matter was furious was angry was mad was frustrated. I i don't think anyone's said those things. Then they were when they have the casino and crews and seager and like of course it mattered. You have the horses go. Put the things around them and get it done. They failed and ultimately they went around the table and said we're not good enough to get over the top. Let's tear it down to the studs and start over and so for a little while the extra pieces don't matter they will again. Trust me when you're back in june contention and that may be as soon as next heck. It might be as soon as this september if everything breaks the right way all of the sudden. Yeah you'd better not be jt charge. Gua- better be somebody that you care about. And i don't mean take shots at him. He might be fine. The guy that. I wanna take shots at who. I can't watch duggar. I i don't know what the bullpen games with him start. I can't do it. i'm ontario. Now i can deal with him. You can watch montero yes. Wow you get good star. Strong stomach must be the kidneys because he's got good stuff. And i feel like it'll turn accent that guy to the moon. I turnaround i. It's dog or catching the whole plate is it's tough for me anyway and i wanted to strangle savage the other day because i feel like there should be some sort of rule which is if you walked the leadoff man in the eighth inning with a two run lead. Something should happen to you. And i don't know what the right punishment for. It is like you get a blown save when you eventually blow it and that's a punishment and it's not like you should be sent to the minors for it. But is there like a good inbetween. Can they like doc. Some of their salary like something to just like. Show that that's just unaccepted. You just can't walk the leadoff guy with two run lead this. Please don't do that. Throw strikes throw strikes in the eighth inning with a lead. So that that's of that's where we're at as we were out with the mariners it's june. It's the calendar is soon things hopefully will matter kyle so that you'll be happy..

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