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Though. Something Tonto Sudden there. Don Sutton. Yeah. Hall of Famer done sudden, right? Yeah, well, I do miss the other day. You know, the decades of two or three Dodger appearances and every you know, being a superhero in the world Seriously coming down now, I think it is. You make it may be covered to you later on that it says If you don't pull for the Dodgers, you may not get into heaven. So that's probably true, huh? And you just celebrated a pretty big birthday, huh? 87 Wow. 87 years old. And still very active. You get up early, and you know he's still would even that great Italian food and join you tonight. Go. I go visit our minor league team shall work with the playlist. You can have the wind. You know, just you watch football Sunday. That was that a Dallas team. I talked to them before the season began. Is that right in the window? I told him how you gotta win what you have to do to win and then unending Mike, stop to them. I said to them, I said from this other guy. Welcome about. Oh, man. You remember what that was belly other? We believed there. Remember what What swear word he used. Don't Mondo and I were trying to remember And I can't remember what it was. I think it is in the tail end of it. You've explained Oh, I see. I see. Okay, Let's get back to it. In other words, Just play the audio. You idiot. Yeah. Thanks for saying that to me. Oh, damn. I said from this mother his great welcome up. Did you give the same speech to the L. A Dodgers this year? I talked to them in spring training..

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