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Sweltering an excessive heat warning is in effect through Thursday. Night many places are expected to get into the triple. Digits So darn hot. The national weather services Alex hardy says it is because of a massive. Dome of hot, air parked over much of, the western US stink Wednesday will probably be the hottest day and then we'll probably. Even see similar, temperatures some areas on Thursday Taty says he records are likely to be broken weather. Service says Palm Springs broker record today what the temperature of one hundred nineteen that's. Three degrees higher than on this date four years, ago Indio, title record of from two thousand six with a temperature of one hundred eighty one hundred eighteen health officials have issued a heat alert for many areas of southern California also runs through Thursday for these San Fernando Santa Clarita an antelope valley's a heat alert is going to be in effect tomorrow through Thursday for downtown LA. San Gabriel valley will have a heat alert tomorrow and Tuesday in extreme heat warning is out for the Pomona area that to last all the way. Through Friday school board member in l. a. has gotten Lesson in money laundering breath Rodriguez. Resigned from the school board and pleaded guilty to felony and misdemeanor charges for. Laundering twenty four thousand dollars, through his campaign in two thousand fifteen. The ethics committee, will now force him. To pay a one hundred thousand dollar fine I think that Justice was committee vice president Serena overseeing says the crime. Itself was shocking when you're thinking about the most vulnerable people in our community the. Thing we need to do is make sure that we put them I. In in this, situation he didn't do that, Rodriguez doesn't have a criminal record so he got three years probation instead of jail time in downtown, LA Monica Rix KFI.

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