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So close encounters of the third kind and fourth kind. There's a few if you dig deep into this stuff. There's a few little nuggets of just really awesomeness that come out of it. So he said, a lot of the data that he's looked at and obviously patients that he has dealt with. Deals with cases of what were described as big silent drones. They hovered and moved an odd ways they showed emanations of funny lights, patterns and strobes, and they even changed shape and in some cases instantaneously appeared and disappeared. This is being reported by military officers that have encountered these things. His belief is, however, that none of this is extraterrestrial. He says, yeah, look, there is the paper does have some references to ETs and offworld exposures. But he says all the injuries he has seen can be equated to terrestrial modern technologies. He believes that a lot of the injuries. Yes, are the result of exposure to these things, but they're from subtle, highly powered and highly modulated microwaves. So does that mean? Well, it means that it's highly advanced propulsion technology. Now whether or not that's extraterrestrial or terrestrial, we don't know, but this is why the Defense Department wanted to know about this. But he doesn't go into too much great detail. He says a lot of the injuries that he is seeing consistent with.

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