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So i don't know up say he's he's a every couple minutes for a half hour guy he's not three hour broadcast that would be so terrible so every lose literally lose by crazy of yeah studio broadcast yeah studios yeah that could that could definitely work but yeah so so that was sad the tizzy kengo and i think we have a good throwback later in the episode of ken one of his more conic moments i think in the booth but i wanted to get your thoughts and just the whole team and like a full season type prediction where do you think the expectations are like you know are they the highest they possibly could be because last year started out we'd be lucky you know we thought when eighty five games last year my phone and basically i just want to get your thoughts on where you think this team is going and how high they possibly go so last year i predicted on like every podcast that i went on the talk about this and everything i wrote that i centrally predicted what happened i said this team's young and dumb enough that thing off to a hot start the team will add the pieces that they need to and we went out and got a sunny gray who we haven't even seen i don't think the yankees as yankee fans we have not seen what sunny great can do he wasn't really exceptional for us and we went out and we made some moves and we bolstered the lineup some and we made it pretty far i think this year the expectations are obviously much higher so it's going to be one of those things where i think we get out we may be struggle even like in the first few games i could see a struggling similar to win like lebron james went to the heat and i think they lost like four of the first six or something like that everyone was like this is terrible this will never work.

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