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A name conference rooms willy nilly these days. It's I guess my question would be. I don't know. I mean, our corporation hasn't done this. But I would imagine that there are some corporations who have looked at separating men from women and saying if you want to work in a gender specific work environment, you want just a one one gender work environment. Then you could do everything you need to do down on the second floor. We're going to have an area just for women. To do their jobs without feeling like they're going to be ogled when they wear their yoga pants to work, which wise anybody urine, that's a different story. I'm sorry. I just kind of stopped listening to you. Because I got I I got an Email from Vanessa and the newsroom, and she said. Sister. You know, I usually agree with you. But I just looked up Ted Bundy and that man is not kill me cute. So I. Google Ted Bundy hot found the best picture and wrote back to her because while you are doing the whole knee to workplace thing. I was your objective. I've serial killers makes perfect sense. Get a unit brow. Like, why some pictures where he looks great in somewhere? He doesn't. Well, let's say, you know, late sixties early seventies. Guys weren't as concerned about your brow health as they are today. I found it when we're has browser or separated. He's got like a browse are separated five o'clock shadow thing going bar under this one. How? Right. We'll come back. We'll do swamp. Watch Shannon, finishes up her gallery of Ted Bundy hot pictures. All right. Monica Rix, what's going on? Chocolate candy lovers may soon. See new packaging on their favorite treats. You're a deli and Russell Stover companies have agreed to settle a civil complaint filed by six counties in California, accusing them of using oversized candy containers that made people think they were getting more chocolate than we're actually inside the companies did not admit wrongdoing, but promised to improve packaging and pay seven hundred fifty thousand dollars in costs and penalties is brought to you by reborn cabinets. The Senate finance committee has started hearings on the rising costs of prescription drugs. Or democratic Senator Ron Wyden says drugmakers have turned Americans into beggars crisis of prescription drugs threatens to many lives and bankrupts too many people for the congress to tolerate ducking and weeding by the company's it Republican committee chair. Chuck Grassley from Iowa says people are having to make unacceptable choices like reduce. Lifesaving medicines to save money. Several drug companies have declined to give public testimony a new report from the nonprofit commonsense media says American kids have tripled the amount of time. They spend with digital devices and mobile screens every day. The report says children eight years old and younger now spend an average of forty eight minutes a day staring at digital screens compared with just fifteen minutes a day back in two thousand thirteen forty two percent of those kids have their own digital tablets Roseanne says her reboot was booted because of anti-semitism the comedian and former television stars has her sitcom was canceled because of her support for Israel ABC dropped the reboot of the Roseanne show last may after bar tweeted racist remarks about a former advisor to President Obama speaking at an event in Jerusalem yesterday, she also criticized Hollywood liberals and admitted to trolling her critics online with fake accounts. And she said her Hebrew name is shayna ripka and said just like kids have imaginary friends. So did she but hers was God. And she talked to him all the time. I'm Michael Crozier. KFI news. Black Panther is hitting movie theaters again as it marches.

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