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But it's got to be done. All right. Did the video with LL cool J and and jaylo right? What I you know, how that happen? Four at such that lock down. You know, what I was in town, and they were shooting the video and somebody said, hey, let's go. Agents involved. I figured made. Made sense. Where was that is that no New York? So you get out of you get out of the Olympics. You fight was there. Some thought about fighting for the UK or was it always this? I'm gonna fight for Canada at that time candidate really have a professional program. And most of the guys went to America. The fact of my history being from England decided to go back to England because I wanted to country behind me supporting me at that time Frank Bruno was around. Yeah. And he was looking big man at that time, right? Bruno had a crazy physique now. Take your time ex Pat. I don't want him in a bathrobe scratching nuts. I want a good exam nother new years down the drain what I'm talking about. Which is Frank Bruno had crazy muscular physique, like we've we've talked about the Mike weavers of the world guys that just had these crazy. Ken Norton had crazy physique. But Frank Bruno quietly may have had the craziest of all the physique of crazy muscles. Just and again, the beauty of boxing is most of the time. The guys are little smoother in the physique one not the guys with the big biceps and lattes, and I don't know why. But the smoother guys traditionally seem to do the guys who built like Muhammad Ali would beat Mike Weaver and Ken Norton. They beat those guys for you'd never think about your making a movie wouldn't cast it that way. But Frank Bruno was a big, dude. He was he was you know, is interesting because I was watching him fight. At one time. And I'm like, yeah. This guy's fighting guys that are easy and he's look slow too. But what I found is different kettle of fish. When you go in there. You know, it it's like going there. You think it's going to be easy? He he actually got me upset in the fight because he hit me, and I didn't like it. So I reacted with a left hook. And at that time is when I when I gave him the fifteen punches out of that reaction of him hitting me and me in back. So so Frank was big in the UK. Yes. You said I'm going to leave Canada after the Olympics, and I'm going to the UK and start my career there. Yes. Well, what how old were you when you were near when you win the title about. Twenty seven and when was the Bruno fight how far into it where you then. Embarks? Can't remember? Find a good Frank Bruno shat got a guy was he was a beast and look at that guy's physique and dies Rune. Oh is he's six three to forty to forty five in ripped. And just shredded his pets look angry. I mean, look guys physique a look at his legs. It's like somebody removed the skin from your legs and showed such show. The muscular less Sheila chair in his life. How raise guys Z the bodies exhibit at the museum literally what it looks like it's insane. All right. But. Lennox dispatched him, right? Get rid of him. Get him out of there. Going amount of the of the fight for Britain. That can only be one champ one king. Sorry kings. I do have another Monica to submit to very little cool sleigh. See sleighs them slay dragons Nari reached. Okay. Let me think about the toboggan, you know. Yeah. All right. Let me tell you about Tommy John. And then we'll break and getting some news. Tommy, John men and women all across America crazy about Tommy John, the most comfortable underwear in the planet, both men and women's underwear. They got the no wedgie guarantee. Comfortable, stay put way spans a range of fabrics and designs, they move with you dress shirts. Underwear all the best stuff..

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