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More costumed superheroes than anyone could count i am spiderman's elected a modest two hundred fifty million dollars on its debut week that's the biggest opening in movie history just surpassing that of star wars the force awakens in two thousand fifteen smart no other new attraction surfaced and no other holdover title was within shouting distance what a quiet place i feel pretty and rampage held down the next three spots with seven eight and eleven million respectively no one surprise then industrywide totals left last weekend's take and that of the counterpart weekend a year ago in the dust bill wine kyw newsradio news time five fifty three plover with a traffic and transit update hey brandon we've got some turnpike issues northeast extension first southbound coming in from quakertown problems up ahead it's a multi vehicle accident southbound direction the jam up begins just approaching quakertown the just south of the quakertown on ramp it's five vehicle chain reaction accident it doesn't look that serious but again it's five vehicles all lined up in the left lane up ahead of you that's the reason for the delay now more towtrucks and police arriving onto the scene here that southbound just south of quakertown the trouble spot when you traveled and beyond this getting on atlanta's lansdale interchange you're good to go now north on the northeast extension just north of may county as you could on the turnpike northbound northeast extension the right lane is closed that's overnight road work there's more in the turnpike approaching norristown left lane construction all the two above should be out of there and just a couple of seconds i'll i'll recap the northeast extension accident in the second is everything else is fine we're into town south on ninety five moderate volume towards center city philadelphia the vine expressway's open looking good on the schuylkill expressway heading into center city philadelphia no issues or problem so far this morning and looking good or new jersey forty two freeways okay so we're the bridges so here we go at southbound northeast extension big backup now developing approaching two to south of the quakertown interchange five vehicle accident up ahead lined up in the left lane just south of quakertown interchange mass transit no reported delays from the.

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