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The cardinals beat the angels for two the story, clearly, former cardinals first baseman, Albert pool halls hitting a home run in the seventh inning he received a huge ovation curtain call from the Bush stadium crowd for my family, and my wife did drive my kids and my, my friends are here and Tom. You know. It just a moment that I would treasured. Pool halls now at six hundred forty six career home runs. The cardinals have won five of their last seven in Philadelphia special day for Marlins catcher. Wilkin Castillo is first major league game since two thousand nine he came to the plate in the seventh inning with the Marlins trailing Phillies three to first of all hitting a drive down the right field life. That's a fair ball off the wall coming around third base Castro he's going to score they coming home, the throat, not in time and Casteel. It a major league game for the first time in ten years in two days rips. Go ahead. Two run double in the seventh Marlins go up for two three. What a story sure was Glenn Gaffney Marlins radio Marlins beat the Phillies five to three. Elsewhere giants over the diamondback, seven four Alex Dickerson drove in three. He's got nine RBI and the two games since getting recalled from the minors. The Rangers beat the White Sox, six to five Braves. All of the nationals thirteen nine the Orioles snap a ten game losing streak beat the Mariners eight four gangs, have one eight in the row, they beat. The astros. Seven five Alex Verduga with a walk off Homer in the eleventh gave the dodgers a five four win over the Rockies. It was the brewers six reds, five Indians to Tigers nothing as beat the race for two Blue Jays down the Red Sox. Eight two seven pirates over the Padre six to three Mets ten cubs, too and intend the twins over the royals five to three. The royals traded pitcher, Ben lively to the Diamondbacks for cash considerations. The twins agree on a minor league deal with reliever Cody Allen. Lakers reportedly received permission from the warriors to talk to coach Ron Adams about a role on head coach Frank Vogel. Staff hockey, the devils, acquire defenceman PK, sue ban from the predators. Devils, GM Ray shero, Setsu ban brings a lot to table. I've always been a huge fan of PK savannah in terms of from his days and just watching them planning playoffs. Pittsburgh Montreal these competitor. He wants to win. And I love the fact he's done a Cup yet. He's hungry for that. And so we and Peter Schwartz. Listen to CDI sports radio at home. Ask Alexa, play CBS sports radio. Block owes country. This is Tiki barber. Brandon Tierney and I are talking NFL weekdays at one on Xtra sports thirteen hundred. Piece controversial, I've already guessing, what some of the reaction is going to be. He's confrontational. You're questioning the substance of the message is what you're doing right now. No, I'm not. Yes..

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