Robin Williams, Chris Farley discussed on The Pat McAfee Show


What were you want snow last year wants no yeah this is me way better did you write off the sword because you use it in content i forgot what i wrote my camera off and i got on for that going to be one burgundy i was actually be fat joe be dead it might be relevant by that's going to happen that story of sad yeah that's it was sad dude that is really sad all the people who are super talented in super creative it's kind of a scary thing to be on think about super creative people who don't sleep much their brains never stop it always seems as if they're the most miserable people in the end it always seems like that everybody robin williams chris farley you go down the list heath ledger now evita you go down just listening very true what's his name the guy nirvana obey kerbane literally like you just go through that list of people who are super creative that are just like it's wild it's very scary to be honest it's very very nervous almost like there's something that comes along with being genius like a price you pay for having genius over everything because you you start figuring things out i bet it becomes a pretty fucking like the more you learn about things normally the more and more disappointed you become right right if i've learned anything in the world that i've got a chance to live the more and more you learn about people and things the more and more disappointed you becoming man all that shit i thought was an it's just not you know what i mean when you get peak buying a curtain for a lot of things in.

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