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It's almost like my map is trying to end because we can actually map where the direction or the region of where missing person went and using that nap. Then we use your clues because the map is trying to essentially get to your clue because you usually have a really good sense of what what the place looks like. And maybe what the street namely the and so. We'll look the just a normal regular map and see where your clues and my clothes fit together and how we do right. That's how we do what we do. we are contacted by families. Normally families They will give us the information after the case gone cold. That's where we start. We start with our timestamps. Then we she does the chart. I do the clues. We compare notes so we wanted to give you some kind of an introduction to how we work and how then we're going to go into part one of the delphi murders and and give you an idea of what the clues were. What the chart clues were we. Put them together. And it tells a story Correct correct oh and What do you wanna start. Well i think we can just a little introduction to delphi and then Perhaps then you could go over some of your chart clues. And my claire audion clues as well but I was good case. They would let me give you all the viewers or listeners. My bad Just a little background on the delphi. Crimes on february waging. Wait where we even start start though. Can i just say that you have. You really didn't give a lot of information about you. I mean we're talking about a psychic. That has a line around the block when she goes to show. So if we're gonna do some promotions your your excellent and people used you not just for crimes. But just get information about their lives or You're basically you should be on. Tv should be on like the long. You're like the and psychic people can use you in different ways so not going to walk up people at the grocery store. I do them my. I love it though when you have a show like if you're invited to do like a party and then monday morning you'll tell me what happened and you give a specific something specific that the person has i. I remember there was one about You're describing the grandmother and what she said and it was just. It was a wonderful moment. Because he's the this family missed that family member and so anyway we've had some really great interesting stories and and yeah we have yeah Well i do that with our shows as well and going to the different forms of clairvoyance I happen to be a clear audience. Which i hear.

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