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Stieber trend in the WGN newsroom these are the stories that matter on seven twenty WGN thank you Steve eleven of twenty sider as I mentioned we have a pair of black hawks tickets their tickets go on sale at noon today we thought it was just give somebody a pair of tickets let's just go crazy and give somebody a pair Blackhawks tickets so that'll happen between now and noon have you Wendy ever on a vacation just take in a keepsake of the beach maybe some coral maybe a seashell I did down there from marina del Rey okay did you I took a cell home yeah feel good about it hi there right you can take it right Michael took a shell I took a worry stone well it was just this flat rock that you see at the beach yeah just from the pounding of the way others and where did I put it but I did bring it home you have it a French couple is facing up to six years in prison for removing sand from the beach in Sardinia I thought about taking it I didn't really take it I died you know where it is it is right on the beach at three dollars safe what's the couple had been on vacation at the beach in Sardinia the Italian aisles white sand is protected and tourists face fines and even jail time if they remove any of the sand from the local beaches well think about it if everybody took a handful of the white sand there wouldn't be an exam or sand left yeah but think of the tourism dollars and St city that's true but the couple say that they did not realize they were committing a crime you wouldn't think that was a crime you would just think well there's a lot to look at their stand in all directions I just take some it'll be fun police in the northern city of port a tour as found the sand while making a routine check of cars they were waiting to board a ferry to to line which is located in southern France Sir do near finds sand thieves a total of that can reach three thousand four hundred eighty dollars what if it's just stuck in your flip flop please tell me flip flops or shoes they all right please all the please they spotted some bottles filled with sand all right I don't have this to see your flip flops we did it so that under wear him out yeah they changed everything it comes the underwear all right a bottle so that was pretty obvious they spotted some bottles filled with sand through the window of the car in may the arrest of the couple minimum a man and woman who are in their forties according to CNN overall fourteen plastic bottles that contain forty kilograms that's roughly eighty eight pounds of white sand received that's a lot of sand and again if everybody did that third right sand left what's under the sand I don't know just be dirt yeah ventrally right they clearly were going to sell it somehow that's what I'm wondering Steve is there a market for that I mean look on eBay I don't know if there's any kind of market for that I mean I guess you can buy and sell pretty much anything but are there people who value that that much but that's such old that's a huge amount of sand how much did you pay for a bottle of white sand from Sardinia not so much I'll be transmitted and for sale on eBay what's it going for well there's Alabama orange beach sand yeah very inexpensive Aruba Palm Beach sand who buys this I think you could tell just by looking at you even the the best of the sand experts couldn't just look at it and identify it's it's it's location right you know what it is a label on it and I believe everybody yeah if you label it then you got something the couple reported to a court in the city of sorry for aggravated fast sorry I didn't mean that they that was their defense they were charged with aggravated fast well now they're aggravated in the early days in the early part of the story they were activated all they could risk a fine of up to three thousand three hundred dollars and here's the best part between in one big it it would be between one and six years of imprisonment all right they're not going to jail I would hope not and the fine maybe if it's if if you're aware of their signs up please do not take the sand right you have to I think you to be fair you have to post those signs right that you'd have to speak Sir Denis in rocky right if it's made aware that you're not supposed to take it then they should be fined or else everybody's gonna keep taking it but that much than jail an insane amount of well it yeah the jail part is the worst part but thirty three hundred dollars for taken sand police told CNN that the tourist said that they were unaware of the laws about removing sand but noted that the islands beaches have signs in several languages which inform the visitors theft of white sand and rocks from Sir Danny's beaches is very common this according to a police officer and there is an illegal market for them on the internet really yeah try the dark web when DC would sissy what it says on the dark web you're on the regular web push that button that it says D. W. yeah dark web devil devil may yet double that of the evening yeah go to double back the people of Sir Deanie are very angry with tourists that steel shells and sand because it's Baft from future generations and it also puts a delicate environment and said the officer page two Sam fears are usually picked up at airports because of bag searches by scanners there's a Facebook page it's written in Italian so I don't know it Sir de Niro bottom looking here yeah that's the translation is what year it says thirteen year robbed and plundered this was set up by a group of security officers from the island's airports they have campaigns about the depletion regarding certain use beaches so obviously it's very it's a very very serious matter in Sardinia I I understand that and you're right if everybody took just a little bit of it where would we be but one of six years in prison and thirty three hundred dollar fine seems very stiff to me it does but I think I read that they have like three million tourists each year so if three million people took St even a little bit there'd be no beach right so true all right we will take a quick break when we return it is tech Tuesday so we'll talk to Bridget Carey from scene and find out what's going on the world of technology but first Wendy this it's summer in the Midwest your air is on your windows are open your sleeping with sheets and a vase that are just a.

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