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For simplisafe. Milton's just dot com go there and Daddy Kit dot, com and the code is Kirke at twenty, five, twenty, five percent at checkout a pretty good deal anything else in the news while we're talking today so you. Know I was looking through twitter. I didn't see anything. Oh. No more Jerry commercials on that thing. That makes me laugh FTF baby. I'm not seeing any commercial haven't figured out what? I'm still not quite sure what it is neither my own more Pelosi thing. Pelosi attorney letter on San Francisco Salon owner this office is in possession of photographs, videos and witness information that the owner active and operating a business during the state homers similar executive orders limiting in store operations. Okay. So we're going to crush. The business. Lock her up because she embarrassed Nancy Pelosi wondering what an Asshole Evil Evil as I mean really what a terrible person she she got busted. She's she you know but that's what this is. What politicians do. I'm not ready to win on this matter I didn't know more more fat more information. Yes spits. People. Don't want you to be a politician like that. I think they do. They don't give them the bad boy candidate fine. The kind of humor you get just. Checking in Jesus Evanston funds can be an issue. Ford. Laughs this campaign from either one of you guys. Steve. Suck this one. We'll talk to you tomorrow. This was pretty reprehensible. I don't know how it can be anybody's idea of humor..

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