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Of course, subject to reaching an agreement on health and safety protocols. I'm sure my fryer and Houston's news, weather and traffic station NewsRadio 7 40 ktrh from smart phones and TVs, two desktops, laptops and tablets pretty much everywhere, Right? All you have to do is tell your smart device of flight ktrh on my heart radio 7 39 is a time state of the state Governor Greg Abbott, issuing his state of the state address last night. We'll be talking to him alive about that in the next 15 minutes, so stick around first. What? I'm talking about the folks around his warehouse. When his warehouse If you own one more than one piece of property. You have a You have something you own other than the home you live in. Or maybe you're thinking about doing something else. Like maybe I don't know, renting something. Maybe you want to travel more. You're wonder what to do with your home if you don't need to cash in, and if you don't need the equity out of your home Really smart idea right now is to be a renter. The only problem with being a renter is the responsibility of finding a tan. It Dealing with problems and repairs as they come along. There's a company that can do that on your behalf. They'll charge your low flat monthly fee. They'll take all that grunt work off your plate. No. One front fees, no paperwork, no hassles. No long term commitments there called Brenner's warehouse. Worked in these folks in Virginia before now. I'm working with them here in Houston. They're great organization. They do a great job and they make guarantees to you. For example, if they get you a runner And something happens that run in the first six months, they'll replace that runner for free. That's the guarantee that you're getting. You're getting your home, run it out the way you want to get it, Run it out 7132 to 4 Random, by the way, they're picky about who rent your home. They want to make sure they put somebody in there. Who's going to treat that home like it's their home. 7132 to 4 rent to find out more gotu runners warehouse Houston to find out more. That's Runner's warehouse. Houston don for traffic.

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