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Eight seventy the great K. R. LA a Los Angeles California go right ahead Sir mark as a Jewish American patriot I want to join you in thanking and blessing our right to think courageous president trump indignant alleging the biblical and legal right of the Jews to the land of Judah idea that god gave to us three thousand years ago and from which we take our name and put the present is now not only the primary planetary protector of the Jewish people he's also the I merry protector of the Christian world as well and everyone who believes in god you know that look how disgusting the left really as they try to take down this president they try to take down BB Netanyahu and replace them with what a guy by the name of dance who's playing footsie with Arab parties that hate their own country yeah a guy by the name of Joe Biden who is a moron in every respect it is proven it for four decades going on five and then what Elizabeth Warren Hey you know what wow well tax open borders closed she's an idiot one eighty eight after I know it yes Hey he's leading in Iowa okay here's ever lied and I were actually well well I guess Obama did but it's not as though I were goes so goes the nation for god sakes go ahead Sir I'm thinking with president trump standing fall fall asleep behind Israel conversely I'm convinced that the Democratic Party simply desire is the death of Jews thank you all right thanks for your call this is set up in my opinion eight support the death of Jews don't you think that's taking a chance to touch to for all that's another color Mister producer shower yes Barbara serious are you serious Barbara in Pennsylvania how are you yes yes well you can follow up with your thank you we're in Pennsylvania are you Washington Pennsylvania actually know where that is yes I'm a child of Pennsylvania all my goodness yes all of the I'm in thank you I've been sitting on my core sound like my wife she says every day she's an army all no I believe and I know the president our records no no no she's the president on the speaker all right speaker yes I I what do you think of this guy's Falwell's kind of weird Disney Disney there are weird yes.

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