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Album Graceland which came at around. The same time we those two albums were, the first ones that opened up a, lot of American, ears and other people in the. West to all these sounds from around the world it was really the beginning, of something huge It was amazing and, and also the fact that, you couldn't see them you know these these albums are copies of them were passed around. You, know in college dorm rooms and it wasn't. Until as we said the iron curtain fell that they could come to the United, States and I remember the. Lincoln center concert, where they I play everyone the Paul Simon and everybody in music was there because they've been waiting for. Years to see them Paul Simon and a bunch of other musicians had actually I heard the choir from nine hundred sixty six. According Frank Zappa heard Paul Simon heard. It back then and, most importantly, I think David Crosby and Graham Nash because they have never stopped. Talking about that record interviews with them today you see an interview like whether on tour now they will still mention that album is. Really, important in influencing their harmonies even though they use very different harmless but it opened up I think particularly David Crosby's here and certainly listened to some David Crosby. Stop you're not gonna hear anything that sounds Like the Bulgarian choir. But you will hear very unusual harmonies And again this does not sound like the Bulgarian choir.

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