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News time seven forty eight cops this morning searching for sex attacker who was struck twice in park slope Brooklyn last Monday a seventeen year old girl was grabbed as she walked near Carroll street and eighth Avenue she managed to get away and a man who was nearby try to get the suspect then back on the eighth of this month the twenty seven year old woman was going to win her building at Prospect Park west when a man cops think was the same suspect expose himself and tried to stop her from getting into her building there was a struggle the suspect ran off police say if you know anything about either incident call crime stoppers. to do you see now and in phase one of its impeachment investigation the house Judiciary Committee heard from president trump's former campaign manager. sort of Pierre Thomas explains very low in Taos ski passing with house Democrats flat out refusing to answer questions about his dealings with the president the White House is directed not disclosed or his analyzers. I am confident that did not stop house judiciary Democrats from pressing to learn more about a key scene in the mall a report regarding potential obstruction of justice president trump calling in Taos ski into the oval office and dictating a message for delivery to Jeff sessions the goal to give the then Attorney General to limit the special counsel's investigation. well after five hours New York's Jerry Nadler told the windows key that he is considering holding him in contempt after the hearing live in Taos ski told fox news like I've always said I will come on answer questions I spent more than twenty maybe twenty five hours answering questions before the house intelligence committee the Senate intelligence committee the special counsel's office I have nothing to hide because we never committed any crimes of the campaign president trump has just tweeted Lewandowski stated very clearly yesterday president trump did not do anything wrong or illegal but they all know that the president writes the Democrats are hurting our country and getting nothing done shameful exclamation point. meantime over on CNN with Chris Cuomo former acting FBI director Andrew McCabe says he would never cut a deal with prosecutors who wouldn't avoid indictment absolutely not under any circumstances Chris bye and said to you I said from the very beginning I absolutely reject that report because I'd never intentionally misled anyone about anything and I will not stand up and claim that I've done something that I didn't do McCabe could be indicted for authorizing a leaked to the Wall Street journal about a conversation he had endorsing the investigation of the Clinton foundation America's top diplomat secretary of state Mike Pompeii heading to Saudi Arabia to talk about a possible response to an attack on Saudi Arabia's oil industry Iran is suspected in that attack president trump has said he does not want more US defense officials have been ordered to plan potential responses Tehran says any action against Iran quote will face an immediate answer. when Zeus time seven fifty..

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